We Made The Best Deepfake on The Internet

Birt 20 jún 2019
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Thanks to Evan for coming by and sharing his Tom Cruise skills. Check him out!
Edited and Deepfaked on Puget Systems computers: bit.ly/PC_Puget_Workstations
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Niko and the crew take extreme measures to see if they can raise the bar for celebrity deepfakes.
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  • If they fed all of Tom Cruise face details material in existence to the computer, managed to invite a stunt or body double to play a scene, and made the impersonator make the voiceover. And let the computer cook for several month, would they get the perfect deepfake ? Or literally recreate a scene from a Tom Cruise movie with a Tom Cruise that is not Tom Cruise ?

  • Its like if tom cruise appeared on an episode of the office

  • No! 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

  • This guy is good, but he's also really sad and I think he's full of bull.

  • The skintones are WAY off.

  • 5:44 Shallow fakes hilarious!!!

  • 11:08 Lotta upper thigh pants slappin' going on here...

  • Saying it’s the best is bold-it’s SO CLOSE but the lighting is a little off and he has two pairs of eyebrows-if you had a way to erase the higher pair of eyebrows it wouldn’t be as distracting


  • The face has a lot of inconsistencies but the guys performance and voice performance sold it and made me kind of ignore those issues. Yeah the guy overdid it a little don’t get me wrong but he sounded like him and had the mannerisms, the face was more than passable but it’s imperative you have those other elements otherwise it’d instantly fall apart. I think deaf people would know this was all wrong immediately but then again, it’s supposed to be a trick of all senses so...It works; unless you analyse it fairly closely. Especially when you take both visual and aural into consideration. That’s the beauty of video effects, it’s a trick and so long as it works when you haven’t been warned that there’s “something to notice” then it works which is cool as fuck.

  • Meanwhile, the actual human actor is the best ...

  • This is actually terrifying - out of 15 screenshots I took of the video at 256x256 around the facial area, the Meso4 neural network model that has been trained on thousands of different faces couldn't tell that this was a deepfake, giving a 0.95 confidence value that it was a real person!

  • 🥰

  • "being an actor is simple. but a master can act as the actor while acting as another actor." a very confused man circa 2021.

  • He's short and weird

  • The lighting and the plastic-ky texture gave it away.

  • No, no, no, no, noo

  • You guys should check out the Tom Cruise deep fakes on TikTok. They’re probably some of the best out there. Channel name is “deeptomcruise”

  • Trash , it looked so trash

  • This is really good, but I can't help but seeing Danny Pudi in this. 😂 Spectacular job.

  • the voice..............

  • wao tom cruis chaparro...hijole mis chamacos

  • At the point 1:14 facing the screen the eyeball to the right side or if your facing the screen the one to your right hand. The eyeball decided to roll in the socket

  • Something off about the eyebrows

  • Playing fast and loose with the word 'best' eh?

  • Sorry dudes, but nope..., you need more work on this, only the voice sounds like him, but the face, expressions, and the impersonating are very exagerated..., keep working.

  • Hey .. One web ISprofile account spam... From anamy..suer try.. Good luck freind ..letter ur so in to king peanut forget reporter..hes tactic.. Plain..copitations star..hey slow"s I'm acting in set Hollinwood.. Us miss time first Egreement step dream.. Have rizk ege..tom.

  • I think tom is taller than jake

  • Is still has the uncanny valley effect

  • I dont know why, but I still hate tom cruise face.

  • There is way too much contrast on the face mapping! it sticks out like a sore thumb! Before this project, you should have considered softening the lighting a bit and toned down the contrast on the actor's face. It's is like the white balance took the week off. This is worse than "Spot the difference".

  • This looks soooooo bad compared to TikTok fake Tom Cruise .. :)

    • The technology improves fast. Like very fast.

  • Worst deep fake

  • This is not Tom Cruise says the thumbnail. Yes we know because it looks like Corridor Crew dog shit. See the latest Tom Cruise deepfakes March 2021 for a proper job.

  • Am I the only one that can see he looks nothing like Tom Cruise? Why bother if it looks this bad? I don't get it guy's!

  • This is not the best deepfake , it's the worse deepfake there is

  • He look not anywhere near Tom Cruise

  • it's good but the light falls on his cheeks differently than it does on the rest of him...also: the eyes... they are not alive

  • It was you guys!!

  • Stop kidding around and go get vaccinated

  • That guy is a little creepy.

  • Hilarious

  • I'm starting to know if it's real or not real after watching all your videos

  • I'd say he's a better looking version of Tom Cruise!

  • the CIA used that technic so create the Osama bin Laden videos...

  • this is bad you can so tell it is not him

  • The guy on Tik Tok is better. Or it’s Tom cruise trolling

  • whats up with that hair, is it a wig?

  • nice, but still looks very fake. and i hope we can always tell, or else...

  • 1111111

  • Who's here after the tik tok deepfake?

  • It doesn't look real at all

  • Personally, I like this boy's work better and he has very few subs for his work: isprofile.info/round/ZXbWcv7fSZFTAZV4beckyw

  • It lucs güeird! Not tuu guuud for mi

  • This does seem cool but what happens when you sell your software and it gets in the wrong hands? Pretty cool idea though. Congrats on your work.

  • His face is weird.

  • This “deepfake” is so obviously fake - you can tell the face has been artificially replaced - skin tone and lighting mismatch. The Tom Cruise deepfake trending on TikTok today is the real deal. Very scary ... Imagine if the Trump-right weren’t incompetent douche nozzles, and were actually smart enough to channel their usual disinformation campaigns into convincing political deep-fakes. They could do so much more damage than usual.

  • I think this is a scary new world..... really!

  • looks fake since the begining

  • Great. More geeks playing around with potentially dangerous technology like it's a video game. Just what we need more of.

  • See, it's all about the ma$k. The world is a stage. All SCRIPTED people. And the joke's on us

  • 7:15 guy taking shit

  • The voice deep fake has been around for quite a while, but it still requires an actor to perform it.

  • This is how it’s done: isprofile.info/pac/hKaPlqeYoHieoak/v-deo.html

  • This will go down in history as a big mistake and people would wish it was not invented

  • You can try.......but, NO WAY MAN!

  • Someone may need to pin a murder on someone and make a video of a murder on someones driveway

  • That technology needs to be banned

  • Oh joy pre crime, now they can have proof to go along with the false accusations

  • Don't worry ...it's just the clone of Tom Cruise, keeping the people entertained ... mean while he is on the Moon Titan, Sky surfing with the Great people for meritious service to the Main Earth society.... He deserved it!

  • Deeptomcruise do better now, sorry

  • Something about the neck and hair gave it away. It just didn't look right. But the image really sounded like Cruise.

  • This is how everyone is talking after quarantine.

  • Not built like Tom Cruise

  • meh

  • Doesn't even look like him

  • True story Tom does dress up in costumes and skin make up to party as a different character he really does.

  • I've been hurt before after Keanu said i'm breathtaking.

  • I def wasn't deep faked by the double eye brows.

  • What about this one? www.tiktok.com/@deeptomcruise

  • Like for an inch growth for the guy

  • I think the actor's actual face would have been more convincing.

  • I knew right off the bat when Tom Cruise was ok with meeting normal people. He is the rudest peson ever

  • you can see it s fake

  • 2019? And you believe the Mandela Effect? That movie Showgirls, they placed/inserted a bikini top on the women, how hard would it be to remove the sunglasses.

  • Great voice. How about that Tom cruise deep fake on TikTok now? Holy hell.

  • You have entirely, too much fun.

  • Is it just me or does their Deepfake kind of look like a younger, shorter Matthew McConaughey? Not hating on the Deepfake, just saying.

  • Me : Mom can we get tom cruise Mom: but we have tom cruise at home Tom cruise at home :

  • Hm, the interesting anomaly was that the eyeballs was not in coherence on some frames, and sometimes the look seemed dumb. This is where all the deepfakes fails but I guess it just needs some post-production. Or even better graphics cards. Or even more learning time for the card. Or both. Or even higher source resolution. Probably all of these. 😏 It's not your fault.

  • he sounds 100% Tom Cruise

  • 14:02 that eye twitch

  • It's like his face is a mix between MacConaughey and Tom...

  • The face is wrong, and he is over acting

  • You'd either think these guys turn into 14 yo girls being Tom biggest fans, getting all horny, or Tom would be a very hot famous woman. Weird how that charisma can alter peoples' anticipation and arousal level.

  • That's interesting, but no shit sherlock, it surely ain't no Tom Cruise

  • You need to know Marcos Jeeves, Keanu Reeves double hahahaha 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • One thing that sells it is Tom Cruise is actually around that height

  • How about a fake potus.

  • awesome :-)