VFX Artists React to AVENGERS ENDGAME Bad & Great CGi

Birt 8 feb 2020
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The Crew is joined by award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Matt Aitken from Weta Digital to breakdown and react to the visual effects of Avenger Endgame! Thanks to Weta Digital for the Exclusive Clips!
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  • I'm more of a DC fan than Marvel but damn...the Avengers Endgame final fight scene still gives me the chills. Those movies were awesome!

  • 14:17 welll guess not lol

  • “We’re working on the Black Widow movie, which is releasing soon...” he could not have been more wrong haha

  • they did not talk about the atman scene

  • I can't count the number of times I've watched the end of End Games.

  • Is that the guy in the elevator from Spider-Man 2

  • 14:13 the Black Widow movie, which opens soon.... little did they know....

  • You guys should check out Demon Slayer The Mugen Train

  • 3:23 I'm sorry Wren but from what you're showing there, Weta is clearly betta.

  • Just accept that they are better than you guys. Haters gonna hate.

  • I love ducks.

  • 'We're working on the Black Widow movie, which opens soon' And, yes I know there's someone else making this joke, but they made it /eleven months ago/

  • 11:32 Thor is real.

  • Does anyone think that Captain America staying in the past to be with his love interest was kind of against who Captain America is, or I guess in this case, was?


  • Weta digital justice league

  • he has the best job

  • Great show guys. Loved it

  • Wetas best work is velocipastor

  • A man of steel once please

  • Great Kiwi Animators! 👍 Go New Zealand!

  • what a legend!

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  • Godzilla vs kong

  • I love how ' Jesus ' working dedicatedly in the background towards end .

  • bingewatching these videos is just really making me second guess if everything i see is real or just cg

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  • Oh noooo the fingers were in the glove ahhhhh

  • guys plz react to movie 2.0 # from tollywood

  • 3:12 bro thanos is puckering up for a kiss

  • Can you review Tony if you do will hr be old kid get brought back through the infinity stones and since Joe and Russo said that anyone who got snapped/dusted would not age leaving Tony at his current/endgame age

  • Stupid and manipulative program. They tell you that there is a glitch in Thanos' hand when it snaps because the glove pieces are crossing, but they tell you nothing that one of the fingers is clearly moving in the opposite direction it should. Why? Because they tell you what interests them. They don't tell you that the Pegasus looks synthetic, that some of the multitides in the background move like videogame robots in some shots, or that the water looks like water made of plastic when Ant-Man gets small. Nor do they say anything about the negative difference in the black areas when Star Lord starts to fly. All of this because they don't want you notice the obvious. That's why i ignore them. Stupid and hypocrite program, with all due respect So, I ignore them.

  • Best episode ever

  • Remember, it's just a bad day, not a bad life. Keep smiling everyone :)

  • This guy looks like thanos

  • See, when folks went and snubbed Into the Spider-Verse for being an animated movie, I'm always like... every MCU movie setpiece is animated. It might have a few human elements, but so much of it is VFX, where do you draw the line. That whole Final Battle sequence in Endgame is essentially the same as ToonTown in Roger Rabbit.

  • Don't even see the finger clipping

  • Day 16 of asking for doctor who reactions

  • “The black widow movie opens soon” say the last syllable “soon” wrong

  • "We're working on the Black Widow movie, which opens soon" Still waiting a year and a half later..........

  • You should review this movie - Eight Legged Freaks - with Scarlett Johansson

  • 6:34 Trevor Phillips!

  • “Black Widow, it’s coming soon” Laughs in 2020-21

  • Black widow coming soon , corona huuh just ruined this now its one year still coming soon

  • can you react to pacific rim the movie the first one and not the uprising beacause is kinda suck plzz react to Pacific rim plzz

  • Marvel has the best CGI

  • If you could go back to the beginning and choose again, would you still go into computer graphics, or would you have sex with attractive women?

  • I almost left the video because the he asked to leave a comment below and I thought the video was ending.

  • I didn’t notice the duck till this day 🤯

  • I want to ask why in the end game there is no deadpool and x man

  • f and f

  • black widow movie coming soon

  • I thought Disney did all their cgi

  • Boys i want to see you join a big movie team!

  • What if they asked him “How much does your team making on this film?” 😂 That’d be hilarious

  • So there’s a couple moments in endgame that bothered me with the cgi. So the scene with Thanos sitting down and he sorta tosses the stone. I keep see this weird visual movement every time he does it. And I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed it. Also I feel like shortly after that the fight he has with the 3 avengers also look sorta strange similar to the previous visual abnormality I mentioned before.

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  • Do this for Godzilla vs kong, i heard the people at weta did the cgi for the movie

  • Black widow would be so op

  • 10:33 is that Eric Linden?

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  • How to not leak a crucial movie scene : don't show that scene to Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo

  • Damn, they really rely well too much on CGI with how much they pay the artists huh? Like they'll pay millions of dollars to a single actor to appear for 3 minutes and then have animators working on like... Minimum wage...

  • Yo i just realized howard the duck is holding the halo assault rifle lmao

  • Is that a riddick spaceship ?

  • Thats insane! I always thought it was one digital company that did all this and one team but just goes to shows how skilled people are!

  • All of this fake omg

  • 2:32 - Nobody could've survived that either it was like more than 20 missiles. At most only Hulk and Thor should've been alive.

  • "the black widow movie, which opens soon." does it really

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  • "we're working on the Black Widdow movie which opens SOON" *Watching this over a year later and no movie*

  • Worse than DC

  • little did we know that Black Widow wouldn't come out for like another year and half after he said "soon"

  • Every superhero in existence vs one guy... And They still almost lost.

  • huh

  • Why does it say they react to bad cgi if there was no bad cgi

  • black widow movie soon guys!

  • and yet these useless actors are given credit even though most of the work is cg


  • Right before Thanos stands up and tosses the rock in his hand is probably the worst cgi moment in the movie. Super choppy 5:38

  • 14:13 a year later, Black Widow is still not out lol

  • One year one month and a day later, I can tell you that we are still waiting on that Black Widow movie

  • The arrow verse earth x crossover only time something came anywhere near close

  • Hulk could have survived the giant explosion

  • Ah the times before the dark days When we thought black widow would ever come out

  • A comment in the description below. :)

  • They should have talked about the floating heads in the hulkbuster armour.

  • Endgame hits hard for me. It's the last movie I ever saw in theaters with the girl I thought I would spend my life with (we were together for 8 years).

  • I know this was a year ago and I'm sure you guys don't read these anymore but, why doesn't anyone actually talk about how bad a lot of the marvel cgi is? The Iron man suit being totally cg with tony's head floating all awkward and the same thing with spiderman. The terrible size perceptions... At one point hulk is eating tacos and they look like a normal taco and then he hands them to ant-man and they look ridiculously tiny in hulks hands and then the next scene hulk is shown to be only a foot or 2 taller than everyone else?? The tacos wouldn't change size that drastically unless hulk was much much larger. The same thing happens with Thanos he hands gamorra a bowl and he's literally holding the bowl between his thumb and pointer finger but again he's only about 7 feet tall the bowl wouldn't be that tiny in his hands. The absolutely atrocious opening scene of Age of Ultron it just looked like a ps2 game. It's like everyone totally overlooks anything Marvel does that's bad and then when DC something like the mustache gate the movie is immediately trash. (Not defending the mustache gate at all just using it as perspective)

  • Great scene- but I definitely prefer the battle scenes (Helm’s Deep, Pelenor Fields, Minas Thyrith) in Lord of the Rings (much higher and clearer stakes). Don’t shoot.

  • 8:39 The artist after the teacher analyzed the piece

  • bruh i haven't watched the movie...

  • react to SnyderCut after its released on 18th March

  • 9:02 heroes and howard the duck

  • Great channel

  • 3:11 Thanos kiss

  • Such a bs video..

  • 4:38 Aye! I just saw them using cinema 4D, my fav 3D program lets goo!

  • I wish they would've talked about Ant-man being in two places at ones.