We Made a Better CGi Luke Skywalker

Birt 24 jan 2021
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Inspired and intrigued by Disney's latest visual effects surprise in "The Mandalorian" season 2, Niko and the crew decide to take their own shot at bringing young Luke Skywalker back to the Star Wars universe.
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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile or PC: clik.cc/MrfQ0 and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days!

    • This deepfake is way better than the actual finale. One problem I notice though is the corner of his head has different lighting than the rest of his face. In other words, it looks like the skin doesn't match at times, but you guys did great so I have to clap it. You did a better job than a billion-dollar cinema monopoly.

    • Yes

    • It would be cool to have Mark Hamill to do it. Send him the video? How could he say no?

    • Zillow tajh7

    • Nah, this game is all spam and is getting annoying as shit

  • No, looks dogshit

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  • Yours looks like from Batllefront II :D

  • It's a little more rough than the Disney version in some spots, but overall it's far more enjoyable. You actually get to see Luke display emotion, instead of the awkward blank stares he gives Grogu and everybody else in the original. If you guys had just a bit more time with this to polish the acting and the subtle line between the deep fake face and the actors forehead, i feel like this would be 100% better than Disney's version. I wish they hadn't played it so safe, it just feels like this version of Luke has sworn off all emotion at this point, which looks really sad.

  • That is looking way better than disney's.

  • This looks incredible!!! The only thing I’d change is the wig, but you guys were on a time crunch and I thought it was perfect given that! Dean captured Mark’s mannerisms and expressions so well and the whole team really did a great job pulling this off in such a short amount of time!!!

  • That smile before he says "come little one" makes me think of young luke smiling because he remembers yoda

  • I think disney did a great job on this

  • Disney has been really quit after this video came out

  • You definitely succeeded in making him more realistic, the more skinny body type and too thick of hair threw me off a bit though. I think if you'd try to reflect the overall shape better next time (which should be much more easy than the VFX wizardry) you could have a perfect result!

  • the actor playing luke in this scene, was indeed mark hamil

  • Can you make Ironman in next video? I mean RDJ himself (not billion dollar suit!)

  • Shows spoiler: warns for spoilers

  • Good job, better than Disney

  • bucky barnes looks like luke skywalker & they both have missing hands.

  • 17:25 The scene you were looking for.

  • Anything is possible :)😉👍

  • I really can’t get over how good the final product was, you guys knocked it out of the park. As exciting as seeing Luke for the first time in the original one was, if what you guys made was what they’d given us instead I would have been so much more hyped because _that looks like Luke Skywalker to me._ -unrelated but next time you should really put the spoiler alert after the spoiler lmaoo-

  • Luke looks really good. The only thing not quite right is the top lip, it doesn't move when he talks, people use both lips when speaking. Other than that, fantastic it was!

  • yeah lips didn't work, but good try.

  • they definitely did the deep fake right, but the hair looks inaccurate and the background makes it seem like he's in a cutscene from a video game.

  • I'm torn. I feel like the changes you made were more like a lateral shift, where Disney ultimately gave us one version of uncanny valley, and you gave us another. But I think you have done as well as expected at our current level of technology, so kudos to you. Now fix Clu from Tron: Legacy and maybe Disney will hire you to create a better edition of the movie.

  • much better editing! well done!

  • I had no idea that was Luke at the end of the show lol, it looked so bad y'all killed it!

  • too skinny, too much hair and at times even too much emotion

  • no i beleieve i like the more the Disney one waaay more

  • This version looks more real, the expressions sold it, smiling seeing Grogu would remind Luke of yoda. Why haven’t movie studios reached out to you more often?! You are the best

  • Original: More subtle texture and detail in face, feels somehow more crisp and real; better mouth movement looks realistic Yours: Lighting and color makes it pop, brings it better into the environment; looks WAY more like Mark Hamill; far more life in expressions Overall, Even though the original feels a bit more real in a way because of its pros, I still like yours a bit better. Incredible job, guys!

  • Will disney ever release how much man hours and cash they threw into their version. Did they come out if the process with a sellable rigged mesh to use in later productions.. game and cgi franchises so it's an asset rather than a production

  • Amazing work for 1 week.. mind blown

  • Next, deepfake young Clint Eastwood's face over Pablo Pascal's.

  • I like everything except the hair... I don´t know...

  • You convinced me that it's real great job 👏

  • the hair is the one thing id change. Wouldnt it be so cool if u guys got to make changes in the disney studios?

  • It was better in some ways and worse in other ways. It looked weirdly younger... Like Luke from just before a New Hope who decided to quickly dress like a Jedi. The mouth movement was just as bad.

  • Pov: disney ask them to work for them

  • As others pointed out, while the effort is much appreciated, honestly Disney’s seems to fit more. Your version looks more alive, but so do most depictions of humans due to exaggeration of subtle details.

  • mouth was like wide but it was great!!

  • The eyes look a lot better than Disney, but I would say the lip movement is off in a lot of places. Sometimes it also looks like you can sort of see the edge of the deepfake mask as well.

  • definitely better. Disney for sure needs to hire you guys.

  • Both versions still look pretty fake.

  • if you guys would have actually colavorated with disney. It would have been perfect. The only issues were the wig and the actor.

  • The hair didn’t look good...looked like a helmet, but the face was better.

  • Totaly great guys!

  • TL;DW Not really better, just different.

  • Well you guys beat Disney

  • haur looks like a lego piece but good job

  • The cheesy ad for that game... i get it, but c'mon.

  • Just as an FYI, yours looks like it was ripped straight from Return of the Jedi. The Disney version accurately depicts the passage of time (5 years) between Return of the Jedi and Mandalorian. Your work is impressive, but don't kid yourselves. Also, Mark Hamill called you out over this on twitter, don't ruin your rep by expressing the misguided belief that you are better than Disney.

  • Sorry but the orginal was better imo

  • He looks like Evan Peters Quicksilver ... swoosh

  • The highlight and the movements are definitely better but the luminance and saturation gave it away right away

  • That WAS better.. the only weakness for me was the lips speaking are still mushy but I don't know anything about the challenges of this technology. Disney could have done a much better job of this.

  • At 18:28 on the right side of the face you can spot a rough edge. But all of this is far better than disney's approach.

  • Sorry, but this isn't better.

  • I’m not even going to lie this but a giant smile on my face moving to the end right after watching the Disney one it looks so great so much better like actual young Luke but in 4K and it’s so good thank you !!

  • How about Luke to brad pit in this video? Please breakdown the deep fakes in this compilation. isprofile.info/pac/saKml519eWeaf4M/v-deo.html

  • This..... this is amazing. He looks a lil young for Post-RoTJ Luke, but.... I am blown away by the talent your team has. Wow.

  • For me this looks waaaaay better, more like true Luke✨

  • I'm pretty sure they made Luke to look like it on purpose, don't forget that there is a couple of years between ROTJ and the mandalorian...

  • Dat Copperfield move after removing thr hood. Lol 😆

  • It's wrong of you to say yours is better.

  • That you all could pull off something like this for a ISprofile video is mind bending. Kudos on the achievement by everyone involved because it looked absolutely great! Yet in the end, my take from this is that as much as VFX prowess contributes to the illusion, the importance of the acting performance is probably even more important in the selling of the scene. As good as this looks, unfortunately it didn't ring as true to me as the original. That said, WOW!

  • the lighting is def sharper & overall better than disney's which goes along with the style of the mandalorian more. the detail is not quite up to par with disney's, but that's expected (budget, time, etc). except for the eye detail. your eye detail is better than disney's. also the emotion of luke is better displayed in yours, but dean is right, like 5-10% of dean is coming through. all these reasons is why i believe a lot of other comments say that it looks more like a videogame trailer while also seeming more human. great job guys.

  • the first half of the scene was great imo, way better than Disney. The second half to me looked more artificial, idk maybe if it was left in the oven for a bit longer it would look more consistent. Either way the lighting was way better than the Disney one which looked so flat

  • I think it looks a lot better

  • It looks worse

  • It really was much better. Maybe Disney can use you guys!

  • The hair really ruined it for me. It looked painted on using Paint. Sorry guys.

  • why do people hate disney’s version so much? I honestly thought it was cool af. tbh this one looked super fake, it was too cartoony. I thought i was looking at a video game. The original one was as best as anyone can do.

  • I'm not sure if it looks better, about as good though, just different.

  • This end product was amazing

  • Anything is better than disney.

  • if they did this in their office imagine them doing it with better tech and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more time to do it. Disney should just hire these fuckers.

  • I think it looks good and with the budget and resources disney has it would be even better but to be honest I didn't real mind the original so idk

  • I think persnickety fans are overreacting. The version of Luke we see in The Mandalorian is someone we've never seen before. He is a Luke that is six years older than the one we see in Return of the Jedi. He should not be entirely recognizable.

  • Crazy sons of *******, they did it!

  • Wow, You made very good job! I wish I could learn that program and effects to make interesting things. :)

  • it looks shit

  • y'all should sell your version to Disney so they can fix that disaster.

  • It actually looks pretty good except the voice

  • Anyone looking for the Mark Hamil comment?

  • Wow that was amazing

  • Disney version looked more like Luke, but yours looked more an real person

  • the neck colour does not match with the face 18:44 other than that great job guys

  • The original one looks better, for the first time you made it even weird.

  • Yeah I mean with the resources you guys had compared to disney, you killed it. Im not really sure why they couldn't pull it off more accurately.

  • Noodle neck and the guy looked like he Was about to laugh most of the time.

  • They need to do one where they replace the face. They hair they had looked weird and the long neck and the body shape and the actions he was doing.

  • He's more Hayden than Mark.

  • It’s a good resume builder I guess lmao

  • This luke looks like aunt beru 😂😂

  • anyone else get the hiscox ad? literally the worst name for a company

  • Like 10 years behind

  • Uuuug ....definitely a more live version, eyes are alive, lighting is good. Now the bad. left side of his face seems to bulge out. Although I know he is not an actor, He is selling too hard. the hair is soooo distracting. and the sparks are too much. all considered was better than what Disney rushed out.

  • dude perfect are really stepping up for this one

  • If it was movie budget they probaly would’ve cared to change it but since it stream they cheap asf and lazy

  • I disagree, Disney wanted illustrate Luke as a Jedi master, not an apprentice, so they wanted Luke to look a bit more brutal and grown-man-like. In that video, Luke still looks like a boy apprentice. Yeah, he kinda partly looks a bit more realistic than in Disney version, but to me he looks too skinny and young, considering that since the Empire collapse has passed some time, which should be considered. However, Disney should've worked a bit more on Luke's face, cuz to me it looks obvious that was doctored, they could have done it more realistic and natural like u guys did with all wrinkles and other face traits.

  • yeah but that Tom Cruise deepfake wasn't all that good to begin with lol it was clear within 15sec that it wasn't him he just looked off lol the eye barrows were off the forehead and body type lol