VFX Artists React to CGi Magic (ft. Zach King)

Birt 12 okt 2019
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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Zach King's zestiest CGi magic moments!
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  • Do you guys have any advice on aspiring directors ?

  • My Theory : You Pained That Leather (:Idk how to write this i am learning english:) And then you put an actual "Leather" and then you like changed the place so the next move when the Guard comes on the "Leather" to be made

  • Every time I see Niko's drum thing, I want one.

  • For the first video... what on earth do they mean by wiping? "He wipes across you", is that some regional slang I've just never heard of??

  • nukazooka

  • Wow love this video


  • Zack King is so cool so much he should tell me how he does it brylee

  • The ladder scene was in 4 separate takes. Take 1: Zach moves an empty spray can along the ladder which is edited later to make it look like it’s being painted. The ladder starts out completely non existent, it’s not even painted on set. Since the angle is so flat it is drawn in post with Zach’s footage being layered on top of it so he can walk over the bottom part of the ladder and sell the illusion. This also serves as a wipe for a smooth transition into it becoming a real ladder. Take 2: Zach hops on the ladder as the camera turns to break the illusion. He colors in the heart, looks shocked towards the left, and then climbs into a window that is was obscured by a texture mat (this is why that part of the wall is off screen when zach climbs in). Take 3: the police officer is actually in an entirely different take. They actually painted the projection ladder this time and filmed a bunch of takes of the officer stumbling over the illusion trying to sync the footage just right so it looks seamless. Take 4: Zach briefly hangs off a different side of the building and pulls himself up. Since the building is so simple looking he’s just cropped over top of the 2-D ladder in post. Tweek some of the lighting on the ladder and the building and you have yourself a master piece.

  • Man this Zack guy makes some cool stuff. He should consider starting social media

  • You have to react to "kung fury"!!!

  • You should review this movie - Eight Legged Freaks - with Scarlett Johansson

  • My theory...hes magic

  • For the ladder, when the ladder isn’t there they filmed it at a different time then the real ladder. Like they filmed them doing the real ladder then the painted ladder. Then just put Zach on the roof with his leg down.

  • Why My VFX Is very Poor Than Yours

  • So many many years ago I was part of a movie making camp and we did a remake of X Men 2. I played nightcrawler and the white house attack scene was pretty much all jump cuts. I had so many bruises trying to maneuver to the right spots for each bamf

  • Imma guess they had an actual painting of the ladder but had the ladder over that painting. So it fits with the shadows and stuff like that. Then as soon as he leaves the frame it jump cuts with only the painting and not the ladder

  • The quickest supermarket gradually level because balance grossly bump notwithstanding a divergent dresser. shivering, dark cannon

  • Full reaction of Astartes

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  • Hey guys can you do multiple zach magic videos. Its realy fun.

  • "I'm not a magician" *doesn't reveal any of his tricks*

  • Did you ever get on the FACT that there are a series of ads that ape Zach's style but have some white guy doing it? Like, more than one, but they disappeared quickly. Were they for the Subaru Outback or some other pedantic LCD product?

  • Yo these guys are intelligent AF

  • The letter Randy on the doughnut got shifted towars right as Zach took the bite

  • Clint and Niko need to start a band now

  • Clint's tunes is all i heard in the sponsored segment

  • Thanks to LGBT for sponsoring this video.

  • The Balloon Girl homage clip was dope. Banksy would be proud

  • Easy and it was great

  • Im glad he doesn’t call himself a magician strictly out of respect. But if you think about it, magic is fooling a persons mind, which is exactly what he’s doing

  • My theory: Zach is the sorcerer supreme

  • My theory is that the scene was made by using actual magic.

  • My guess on the ladder thing is they did one shot and washed all the paint off to put the ladder up

  • Zach is obviously a lizard person. I hate to out a fellow "Zach" but the world needs to know. Look how blatant he is about it, he doesn't even bother changing his eye color he just leaves it yellow

  • What's that instrument that they were playing at last?

  • Gods of cgi meet the god of editing

  • Best crossover ever

  • he put paint then he edited the paind out and took multiple time to put paing in exact spot coulded hires a preffesional spray painter but didnt idk but i think he did it like that and went up in another was paused and then on a ledge he hung and went up while it was not focused on him

  • 10:00

  • 12:02

  • The stairs magic is strange bc if it is a one side illusion he would need to change it to have the same effect the other way

  • You guys are soooo on point with the difference between Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

  • My guess is that they used washable paint to do the two cuts

  • I like your funny words magic man!!

  • wow inviting a guy onto the show but not plugging his channel in the desc so thats how it is huh

  • I have done CGI for Hollywood movies for 10 years, and these stuff still fascinates me.

  • I absolutely love Zachs videos. They are so incredible and take so much effort to make. Absolutely incredible work each and every time

  • My theory is... Zach does not exist

  • Dinosaurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dinosaurs

  • 1:14 Zach King knows they're not gonna know how he did it. heehee

  • Oats studios again FIREBASE 👌

  • Anything from OATS studios mainly the RAKKA EPISODE 👌

  • MAN is there

  • I hate Starbucks because I was eating there I had a grilchees and I thowup

    • You Should Hate the food and Not Starbucks itself.

  • Make part 2 :D

  • For the ladder one, I think it was just a bunch of jump cuts between real ladder and painted ladder

  • I’m a simple man, I think everything is just a jump cut

  • 13:04 Yeah!!! That's I know,before!! And I think Most of us knows this trick,, 😘

  • Can make a tutorial how to make this?

  • Awesome, to see you with zack, and try to explain tricks,keep it up

  • My guess is that Zack is actually a warlock

  • Magic

  • You should try to get John Knoll on the show!

  • The later You took the later of and drew later

  • For the ladder one I think that the ladder had a part where the paint matched the wall and he painted it to match the rest of the ladder and then there is a jump cut when the security guard runs towards the ladder where it disappears.

  • How he get Zach king in there!?

  • Zach be like: I thought these guys we’re just reacting, why did they want me to reveal what’s behind it

  • Noice...

  • a part of the ladder was gone and was filled with paint and from a angle it looks real so it's a illusion

  • woo

  • S

  • 0:11 toad is now in smash confirmed

  • Hes Wanda

  • What's that instrument at the end of the video?

  • The ladder is a little bit green so it acts like a green screen and then you spray paint

  • Lol I thought they said the sponsor was lgbt

  • I think it was done with edit :/ duh 5:20

  • Idk why but I don’t like Zach king

  • in the "sponsored segment" i dint concider buying the screen a single time, that drum thing tho

  • The ladder trick was an illusion

  • He can fly

  • Magic

  • I think on the painting one that the room in the back you see at the other hall is a green screen and i think he came from there and when he was out you see the cam shakes so i think thats a transition and when the guy recording stops you move to the other hall and than you are at the other hall with that being a green screen the reason i dont think its a painted picture of the hall is the other person ran into that🤔AND also cus litterally he painted that whole thing perfect with one painting roll thing idk what its called

  • My mom love cooking

  • My theory is that Zach King paid for being on this episode

  • He y my name is Luke.

  • as a kid i really thought zach king can actually control the moon

  • I think for the ladder that’s not a real wall but there’s something holding the ladder in place at the top and they put Zach at a higher level and that’s pretty much it.

  • the ladder was broke and zack paint the rest to make it look like its paint and the camera finds a fake police to run to zack and the police stay still untill they erase the broken ladder for a fixed ladder and paused the fake police and when it was paused they moved zack to the rooftop to make it look like its a real ladder(Don't Call me Ienstein but you can)😎🤓

  • Uh

  • My guess at the ladder one is that it is a cut At 4:04 right when he takes the spray can it cuts and when it shifts to the police man it is a shadow cut like a really really well hidden cut

  • (

  • I think a guy got the latter out that’s why 🤔

  • 9:32 he is on Facebook, FBI you had one job!

  • A

  • My guess the guy at the end going through the sliding door isn't actually there.

  • I always skip advertisement more than 5 seconds but for some reason I watched your whole LG advertisement at the end.

  • My theory is that Zack uses CGI

  • Captain Disillusion