Animators React to Bad & Great CGi 2

Birt 19 des 2020
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After getting tested for coronavirus (with negative results,) Niko and Clint sit down with with Veteran Animator and Director Alexander Snow of DreamWorks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst CGi animation in pop culture.
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  • It was interesting working on FF, I did "Facial animator, I've never seen the movie one of my first gigs in the industry lol, I feel every studio I work at I secretly meet someone else who worked on it.

  • How about the cgi characters in "the life of pi" vs the" live action" version of "jungle book"?

  • should react to sol levante

  • The cat in the lego ninjago movie

  • I never realized this but either plates on that waiters tray are like paper plates or that guy can rival Arnold Schwarzenegger in a muscle contest.

  • pls react to Saaho(Bollywood.Hero is the guy who is the hero in baahubali),Mission Mangal,shivaay,Fan,Tiger zinda hai,chennai express,krrish

  • If it’s the fourth then why does it say 2nd

  • Please react to Animator vs. Animation V (official)!

  • Bring back animations react

  • You guys should do the Kung Fu Panda triology

  • You guys should react to The Thief and the Cobbler animation segments

  • Lol I’m not sure you do the current anime. you guys should do Ex-arm, it’s a 3D anime, and it’s hillarious

  • Please do Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 19 - Rui vs Tanjiro

  • 3 min of ads and sponser in 13 min video...such a pain

  • Please react to Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer and Final Fantasy❤️

  • I think I've mentioned the underrated gem that is Tron: Uprising in the comments before, but I also just remembered Code Lyoko. I love that show, SUPER cool idea and execution of it is perfect, except for the fact that looking at the CGI now, it's so janky and low budget and stiff. Super low poly. It's kind of funny but also oddly (lol) charming.

  • I hope they do an animators react to Ex Arm

  • "arjun the warrior prince"

  • Gak bisa bahasa ingris bang, gua orang indo🙄

  • 0:29 "He's a 3D character--" Oh he looks pretty realistic for being a 3D character

  • Y'all should react to fire and ice, particularly to all the roto scoping. It's super fluid.

  • Check out Arjun the warior prince. Animated movie.

  • This guy is such a pro, you can tell he knows his craft.

  • when will be anime reacted

  • Blood machines is awesome

  • this was probably one of the most informative react videos you've ever put out, right up there with the animator from weta. awesome stuff yall

  • you guys should do an animators react and feature scenes from final Fantasy: The spirits within

  • Do animators react to 2005 clone wars

  • It's kind of crazy how Niko can take these concepts that are very specific to what they do and explain them in a really simple way that makes sense to us as the audience. Just saying I feel like that's something that is a huge part of the reason that he is one of the two main leaders in corridor, because he's got a level of that ability to teach in a way that makes sense to really anyone. Just saying I think it's pretty cool.

    • He's an effective communicator.

  • food fight's budget probably costs as much as a chicken mcnugget set.

  • This animator is very entertaining and educated!

  • You guys should react to the final fantasy 14 storm blood trailer.

  • Suggestion: check out " The Prince Of Egypt ( 1998 ) " , I cant pin point the scenes that good , but something about the movie makes it seem magical.

  • Yeah it's just to bad that the Last of Us Two sucked so much story wise

  • You should react to Berserk 2016 and 2017 for the Bad Animated CGI

    • Bruh that’s like one of the best anime ever made🤌🏻😂

  • Food Fight looks like a huge money laundering scheme.

  • Plzzz react to Love, death + robots of NETFLIX

  • Anything in Rango!

  • There is a Band called TWRP that has an animated music video for a song called Starlight Brigade done by a small group of people called Knight of the Light Table and it is amazing. Please check it out.

  • You should do Naruto and Sasuke last battle or gohon going super saying 2

  • You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies

  • React to violet evergarden episode 7 parasol scene☂️

  • 0:47 " everything that Pixar does, is a Masterpiece". The Good Dinosaur: No.

  • You could hear the fear in his voice when he criticized TLOU2. He won't start his own car for a while

  • My animation professor worked on Foodfight!

  • Sometimes i dont know if its Luke Skywalker or is it Troy Bolton...

  • Please react to the sea monster scene and the siren scene from Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003)

  • I don’t know if it’s been done but Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular, would certainly be interesting to watch :)

  • Awesome video! You guys should react to the animations in Wall-e

  • Will you guys review the animation in “Sturgill Simpson Presents Sound & Fury”? It’s a really bad ass anime. It’s on Netflix.

  • Please react to rick and Morty

  • That Bo Peep thick!!!!!! 😂😂😂

  • I don't know if it is more appropiate for Animators or VFX artists react, but you should watch scenes from a Norwegian film called "Flåklypa". It uses dolls, i think, and it was a major success in Norway.

  • Can you guys do Wall-e?

  • You guys should react to Joel g's ena series

  • Animators react to the Pokemon 25th anniversary Post Malone virtual tour

  • React on attack on titan s4 cause people are complaining about the cgi.

  • I'm kind of bored with the pixar formula

  • Hey, could y'all react to an Indian animated movie? It's called Arjun the warrior prince. Would really like to know what y'all think

  • If you are watching.... Of course I'm watching your videos, because guys, you are fucking CGI professionals, how could I not watch..

  • Please do anime next time

  • I learn so much watching this channel. By far my favourite ❤️

  • Should react to fate series's fight scenes

  • Have animators react to Samurai Jack episodes 'The Haunted House' 'The Blind Archers' and 'Samurai vs Ninja'

  • Would you be able to have an animator react to Tanjiro And Nezuko vs. Rui frrom demon slayer please

  • Looking forward to my self

  • For the next animator reacts do Klaus from Netflix

  • Could you react to Avatar: The Last Airbender or the Legend of Korra in one animators react episode if you haven’t already?

  • I love how Alex Snow explained all these scenes. Really shows how much work goes into the emotion and character design while animating. Loved this episode.

  • yo, u guys should react to the clone wars animation

  • You guys should do a VFX react to Kung Fury.

  • Loooonger! This was way too short. 20 mins minimal

  • Truly great stuff.

  • You should react to Toy Story Toons! Pretty good for being shorts

  • Why is freddy mercury with a beard and talking about animation?..

  • Anyone else think that Doug Sweetland looks like bald Niko?

  • Seeing the last of us 2 in this video made me really wanna see you guys react to Devil may cry 5. The bombastic action seems perfect and I bet you guys would love it.

  • Can you review Shrek please?

  • Pacific rim is a masterpiece change my mind. (Ok pacific rim 2 was meh. But the first was epic)

  • React to ready player one

  • can you guys do naruto fughting sceenes next

  • could you do a react to the fight scenes in the netflix castlevania

  • i heard that the original hard drives for foodfight 2003 were stolen and they had to do it all again

  • 0:37 INTRUDER ALERT.....

  • animators react to demon slayer

  • You have to react to Tales of Arcadia

  • Guys please react to "Titanic the animated movie...The legend goes on" its considered the worst animated movie of all time, and its worse than FoodFight!

  • Please watch the exigency

  • Promare animation review?? 👀

  • You should react to Rango


  • Please react to the Shrek franchise!!

  • Please make a video about "Love, Death + Robots"

  • Can you guys react to the naruto vs. sasuke fight from naruto shippuden?

  • You want another extremely jenky animated movie? Have a look at ‘Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists.’

  • can you watch "Cat Shit One" its an animated tv episode you should really watch that.

  • Ivan Dorn - Wasted Check this out, russian music clip, full CG

  • React to velocipastor. Animators for toy story did the vfx of car on fire.

  • Do the Zuko and azula fight for atla

  • I have a suggestion for you guy's to react on: Terkel in Trouble or anything from the same studio