Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 24

Birt 21 nóv 2020
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Niko and Clint are joined by Stuntwoman Amy Johnston to break down some of the best (and worst) action sequences in Hollywood!
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  • Sometimes I go to videos or interviews I did to see if I said anything stupid..well I did🤣🤣I'm so sorry to all the fans. I have been obsessed with the fight scenes of Rurouni Kenshin but never fully watched the anime or the films. I will do my due diligence and get my shit together and binge it all. 🤣

    • Yeah, leave that sort of thing to Clint!

    • @kulitmed Yup. In that specific order too. Anime first (at least first 2 seasons) then the OVA (only Trust and Betrayal) and then the live actions. Also the final 2 movies coming out this year which will have the OVA and the Jinchuu arc.

    • @Humble Fudge We're getting the Trust and Betrayal OVA and the Jinchuu arc for the final 2 Rurouni Kenshin movies!

    • check out Batman Dying is Easy by batinthesun! Amy Johnston makes a cameo!

    • React to more Rurouni Kenshin actions!!!!!!

  • Love the video - for the Rurouni Kenshin fight - it would be really cool if you could reference the movie clips from the actual anime sources to see the differences and comment on it because that would be really interesting to see the insights. Thanks for the awesome video!

  • Kenshin has a REVERSED EDGE SWORD!!!!! It will never be bloody!!! C'mon guys...

  • I'm going to comment this on every video with Amy in it-- How have you guys not checked out her work in the DBZ fan film?! ITS ONE OF THE ONLY GOOD ONES AND SHES AMAZING AS ANDROID 18! Please check it out!

  • Which shoes.. i wnna buy them literally🙄🙄🙄

  • The co-creator of John Wick wrote episode 3 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier where Sharon Carter has an awesome fight scene

  • its a story thing can the samurai in question using a backward sword.

  • There's only one stuntman and two losers

  • John wick 3 scene in the knives room is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

  • Its a story think, kenshin is using a reverse edge sword because he no longer wants to kill, so the back of the blade is sharp while the edge is now the back.

  • She is just pleasant as can be💕

  • The reason why there is no blood on Rurouni Kenshin is because he has a Sakabatou, which is a "backwards" sword. The edge in facing him and not hitting any of his opponents. He just stuns them.

  • I keep confusing her for Whitney Moore

  • Is it just me or did you guys feel like Amy was feeling some type of way for Clint in this episode.

  • 3:49 no blood because kenshin himura blade does not have sharp edged

  • Temporal resolution is why often when a pixel art game is "upgraded" to 3d models, all the moves feel slow and sluggish. The pixel art just skips frames between motions to give that big impact or snappy feel while most 3d models don't do that.

  • Hey guys invite Amy more often, she is so awesome!

  • Please react to Face/Off

  • Like, do they script in "Clint puts his foot in his mouth..."

  • 1:23 guy at the back gets hit by an invisible force field

  • It's the story thing.

  • I dunno if you know the story of Rurouny Kenshin but the reason why there is no blood is because his katana has no edge

  • there was no blood in th Rurouni Kenshin scene cos the protagonist was using a back blade sword which does not cut... part of the storyline

  • no blood lol... feels bad

  • "Kenshin not a story thing" It actually was.

  • for stunts with animals im pretty sure that same john wick film has some great scenes with attack dogs

  • Rurouni Kenshin Has an inverted blade, so the part that really cuts it's on the back of the blade, then he just really cut someone when it's really necessary, he flips the back of the sword and then star to cut people. that's why there is no blood in most of the scenes he's actualy not cutting then just hitting with the blind part of the sword!

  • Theres no blood bc he DOESNT KILL PEOPLE! Although i havent seen the movie so idl if they botched that plot point

  • Kenshin uses a reverse blade sword hence no blood 😅

  • Anyone else realize that any was flirting with him a bit 👀

  • im sorry to say that ive watched alot of Corridor without being subscribed, BUT i am now. this episode gave me so much hope and inspiration after listening to niko's intelligence. its always impressive, regardless of the craft to hear someone really break things down. im a designer at an engineering firm now days and i love the detailed debates between intellectuals

    • man my spellin sucks

  • 11:29-11:30 I dunno why I feel proud of myself (it’s completely pointless) but I saw a cut/edit there. [probably not the only one to point it out lmao]

  • Very excited that the stunt coordinator for John wick parabellum is coordinating dune

  • Reason why there's no blood is because Kenshin sword is a reverse blade.. And it's a story thing.. wdym by not story thing... This hurts me...

  • You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies

  • The reason why rorouni kenshin has no blood is because he is using a reverse edge sword... Love your work guys, specially the tip from Niko... I subscribed btw... 👍👍😁

  • Clint has a crush 😻

  • react to batman dying is easy fan film. Amy Johnston is in it briefly

  • Oh man, every time he turns to the left, he looks like a show poodle, with a hair clip in! :)

  • Has he undercranked his hair clip?

  • Oh man that hair clip, and no, not on the woman! It's like hipster irony.

  • Do the movie kujo

  • This comment won't be about the hot woman.

  • Goddam she got a dump truck on her

  • can u react to vfx from wandaviion

  • Ruroni Kenshin scene the reason there is no blood is because in the story of the anime Kenshin was a murder during the war of that time. However, he left the battle field to become a better man who refuses to kill, so he made a special sword where the blade is reversed so the sharp edge faces Kenshin and not the opponent. Love you guys and your VFX Artist reactions and Stuntmen React keep it up. Also why not Rated R Runoni Kenshin??

  • Personally I always shot at 24fps and you manually drop a frame here or there. I always got the choreography to be fast and precise. All the speed is there in the movement but the power is lacking. So it would help to cut the frame before impact or sometimes the actual frame of impact to sell more power.

  • I love Amy

  • You guys should do a vfx artists react on CGI glass/mirrors/reflections scenes.

  • The sword in Rurouni Kenshin is a reverse Edge Kitana known as a Sakabato so if he was wielding it as a regular Katana there would be no blood just blunt force trauma.


  • rurouni kenshin is a story thing to be no blood. rurouni kenshin has his blade sharp on top because he don't want to kill with his blade any more so he basically just knocks people out with his great sword skill

  • Why don;t you guys try reacting to bollywood movie stunts

  • At 14:34. Man that guy got thrown down these steps hard. Holy smokes that was hard. He had to be at least 5 to 6 feel in the air before he hit the ground! It looked like he was dead!

  • One of the most visceral knife fights i've seen was towards the end of red sparrow!

  • If I remember correctly kenshin used a reverse blade or reverse blade style which hurts his polenta with the broad side of his katana injuring his them but nothing killing them that’s probably why there’s no blood that and it cuts of money needed for props

  • Hi there, I know I'm not the only one to point that BUT in the Kenshin fight scene the fact there's no blood IT IS a story thing : Kenshin was an assassin and doesn't want to kill anymore so he has this special katana where the blade is reversed so he never strikes with the sharp edge ;-) (IF you like anime, Rurouni Kenshin [also known as Smaurai X in your part of the World ?] Tsuioku Hen is AWESOME) Anyway, Take care dudes and dudettes ! :-)

  • God the eyestab in john wick 3 , I thought they were gunna cut away but they dont .... at all

  • Please watch the exigency

  • In rurouni kenshin the heros blade is reverse sharpened. The front is dull but back is sharp that is why there is not much blood in that sceen.

  • the newest john wick where the girl has the dogs was pretty cool. react to that!!

  • Hey shoutout from France =) John Wick 3 has good some very good stunts with animals guys, plz watch it and you'll make my day !

  • React to velocipastor. No muzzle flashes here .

  • The lack of blood was probably a story choice. Since the whole thing with that story is that he has a reverse blade sword. His normal striking edge on the sword is blunt, not sharpened (Yeah I know you'd still get some cuts and blood spray but it's the "thing"), he has to hit with the back of the blade if he wants to cut. So in that fight scene he's only knocking people out and hurting them badly enough to fall down, not cutting anyone.

  • Those thighs thou...

  • Loved the fight scenes in Atomic Blonde! As said, they get tired, hurt, take a moment to recover from a hit- very realistic! Reminds me of the sword-fights in the 1970's The Three Musketeers. Very good fights in those movies! I hope you guys can cover some of them some time. Please?? :D

  • ANIMAL STUNT. Once upon in Hollywood, final act. Brandi the dog 😉

  • You complained about no blood in the samurai movie. Can you guys edit it in? Realistic or maybe some kind of realistic/manga style. That'd be totally boss.

    • In the context of the story it's actually a plot point. The main character uses a sword with a reverse edge because he's vowed to never kill again. He's essentially just beating the crap out of them.

  • stunt with animals: BIRDEMIC

  • Theirs no blood cus its a reverse katana

  • The mispronunciation of "temporal" feels like a cheese grater to my eardrums :/

  • They listen. I wanted a reaction to Rurouni Kenshin. Thank you

  • You want bad action scenes, keep looking up Steven Seagal, he has plenty.

  • Would love to see the director of rurouni kenshin make a live action version of Madara VS Shinobi Alliance

  • Ngl i wasnt excited for atomic blonde at all but my wife wanted to see it and it completely blew me away. Such a good movie.

  • Please react to "Ninja Assassin." It could be VFX React and Stuntmen React. Please!!!!!!

  • Could you react to the VFX and Stunts of the Pirates of the Caribbean films

  • That Atomic Blonde scene is sooo amazing. You guys didn't even mention that it's a 5-10 minute unbroken shot that travels from outside, to inside, bottom floor to top back to bottom, to outside again, to car chase!

  • Depending on what point this is in Kenshin's life, he uses a dulled sword because he has sworn to never kill again. There is a story reason why his slashes don't make blood.

  • 3:30 when they talked about the "no blood" Scene. It is a Story Thing. That weapon the main character uses is a special katana call "sakabadou" 逆刃刀(さかばとう), which means the side of the blade is on the backward. That's why there's no blood during this scene. However, I agree it would be better to add some blood to it. Maybe Corridor Crew can add some VFX on it some times. hhhhhhh


  • It's a story thing. It's the main plot. Reversed edge sword.

  • Can you guys please add blood in the Rurouni Kenshin fight scenes?x0

  • so the under siege scene, the characters were trained in weapons and tactics for CQC. while it may look weird and bad for film, waiving and flailing your arms about seems like a good distraction technique so the opponent has a harder time figuring out when and where your next strike will come from.

  • Rurouni Kenshin’s lack of blood in the village fight IS story driven, he has sword never to kill again so his blade is forged so the blunt edge is out

  • Am I the only one that ships Clint and Amy?

  • a little late here but here's a cool (and quite old) animal stunt recommendation: That touch of mink (1962). It's a cary grant movie but the animal stunt is a dog literally jumping through the open window of a moving car.

  • How dare you! Lol. Of course they aren't using blood because of the story! It's Rurouni Kenshin. He uses a reverse blade as he has sworn to never kill again... *And now continuing the video*

  • How did Niko* not see Atomic Blonde? That movie's freaking amazing!!

  • 10:17 It does look cool but all those knives are fake. If you watch closely they just appear out of nowhere.

  • I don't really get the hate for improv fight scenes here. Have you guys never watched any sort of real fight? Not even MMA? Real fights are nothing but flailing until someone gets the upper hand lol

  • if you want a good gross knife fight scene just look at rocky handsome knife fight scene

  • I think the actor for Kenshin, Satoh Takeru being the MC in Kamen Rider Den - O before (for his debut act I think?) also helps make the fight scenes work well.

  • the reason there's no blood is because of the story, kenshins sword is reversed kind of katana

  • Jallikattu is a film with stunts with animals ,l think

  • It is actually a story thing......the protagonist uses a katana known as sakabato or reverse edged sword...........

  • Sassy the cat in a rapid river - Homeward Bound

  • It is a story thing Kenshin will kot kill anymore and he using a reverse blade.

  • OMG!! Those last two scenes. I have thing about eyes, don't mess with them, do not want. That slow sticking the knife into the dude's eye. Holy crap, that was hard to watch. And the Atomic Blonde fight was just brutal. Not stylized at all, just people getting worn out, cut up, beat up, and then just rag dolling down stairs. Ouch.

  • It is a story thing. The fact that kenshin doesn’t kill is like the most important story thing in the original.