We Fixed The Worst VFX Shot Ever

Birt 12 júl 2019
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The Crew attempts a VFX Makeover on "The Worst CGI shot ever." Will it work?
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  • Fellows, can you "fix" the queen alien's egg tube, add some movement so it undulates like it's alive...

  • Fix Arnold Schwarzenegger's CG face in Terminator Salvation 😁

  • Can yall try to make descendants 2 r-rated? If you want too lol

  • Didnt know I needed this this now

  • please fix The Velocipastor

  • Put Michael Keaton into Batman 3 and 4.

  • Hey, please change Edward Norton in the hulk movie, use Mark Ruffalo's face.

  • Still bad. Period. What they achieved with the technology available 20 years back, you couldn't achieve. Just give up.

  • You obviously have never seen burdemic

  • he has the same expressions as the rabbids

  • Thought I was the only one lmaooo

  • you guys just cant be serious... you cant replace 3d rendered face with some stupid deep fake

  • All that aside, did you notice they made his chest move in breathing?

  • Great fix! It looks a lot better now. But would you be able to improve it if you only had the systems and means the original film makers had? Would you be able to make modern vfx with old-time tools?

  • Here's a suggestion. Fix this fucking video. All of it.

  • Definitely changed the whole spectrum of this scene. Really satisfying to watch 😎

  • hey guys, check my new video & let me know what do u think: isprofile.info/pac/gHigYpWEiYnNmZ0/v-deo.html

  • Make Slimer from Ghostbusters 1 look more realistic.

  • You guys should have studios pay you to have their movies updated with your CGI edits. I would rent them even if i had already seen them.

  • I wish they wt fix the CGI and re-released this series. Totally among my faves. You guys did great for one day, but I honestly liked the big puffs of dust more. I felt it made the ancientness of the tomb more real.

  • It's still a horrible scene I get what you guys did but the scene itself is stupid

  • Fix Leera the soulmate. 2018 99% VFX movie

  • Tbh I’ve seen worse than the scorpion king

  • I would love to see updated CGI for the original Tron. It was the first movie I saw with CGI, but looking back it was so bad LOL

  • Can you fix up Arnold in terminator salvation it’s so much worse then this if you have not already

  • Igual sigue viéndose falso porque el foco de la mirada no se mantiene independiente al movimiento de la cabeza.

  • Ten minute video, six commercial breaks and a lengthy product plug in the middle. Fuck you.

  • Fix the rod puppet composite in Alien 3!!!

  • Damn, that Scorpion King looks like a PS3 game.

  • Can You fix the bad cgi face effect in Scooby-Doo

  • The Rock CGI be like: 😠🤤🙃😗😬🤪😏

  • Nothing really changed.

  • The new face looks in doubt and distracted

  • Cg rock looks lake a video game

  • the reaction is not correct. the first glance, the second saw one grin, the third averting his eyes and only then turning his head towards the enemy with a look with comtemt.

  • If you want to try to make Jar Jar Binks look more realistic, I have a home recording setup and am up to the challenge of giving him a less annoying voice.

  • God damn these guys` heads are faaaaaaar up their asses to say that this is much better.

  • looks way more realistic

  • f yeah

  • Whilst at Uni I worked part time on a service help desk and one of the IT Engineers was a VFX expert who was amazing with computers. He told me when the Scorpion King was released the Director wanted all the VFX to be done in 4 months when they were told a minimum of 9 months. When the Scorpion King was released and was a major flop at the Box Office the Director blamed VFX. The VFX Team said that's what you asked for, we told you a minimum of 9 month I think they done it in 5 still 4 months short to what it should have been.

  • lol nice... Have you guys checked out the characters from Cluster F.U.C.T. ?? I would love to see what you guys do with them? Keep up the great work!!

  • Yeah that looks wayyyy better. I remember even as a kid being disappointed by the CG scorpion king

  • Tbh, it got worst

  • This isn’t “fix” this is egotistical.

  • Probably not the first with this idea but I wonder what abominations could be made by deepfaking old PSX fmvs, like Resident Evil 2 but use the remakes models as the references.

  • A CG face on a real character? You mean like the main protaganists in the Harry Potter and PotC series of films now over a decade old?

  • I am a cartoon

  • Obviously you haven’t seen any of the movies on Mystery Science Theater 3000

  • In my mind, when they fix him, I like to think he's low growling in his regular voice, followed by a semi-monstrous exclaim of 'I AM THE ROCK' as he walks towards them. XDXDXD

  • ohh damnn I thought it was a game character, and not a movie

  • Original scene: has stroke face New scene: detailed, nice lighting

  • To be honest, the face rework still looks like shit. But deep fakes can be a scary thing... and it will be, eventually.

  • Tbh it doesn't look that much better.

  • Please help me out.. i have so much bad vibes with the movie Gemini man... The story is allright..kinda, but holy Smoke..Some times it's like whatching a scène from the matrix ... the animations... Ouch... Please look into this.. i hope you guys can lvl up it a bit more.. sorry,but i had to be honest and i know you people can make a difference. Go for it and show some real magic!!!!!!

  • z e s t y

  • if feel like the eyelids of the deepfake are disappearing every other frame, its like it cant really pick up on the original eyes LOL

  • The Heck so i was watching your video while the tv is on my right side, when I turned my eyes on the tv, It was The Mummy in CINEMAX HAHAHAHAHHA

  • The cagey feature pragmatically pine because diaphragm holly knock over a stupendous certification. immense, nappy clutch

  • 8:50 Michael bay's version of the mummy.😀

  • The gifted supermarket surely paste because freeze jekely type to a tasteful basketball. domineering, pale freckle

  • can you do the matrix reloaded and revolutions, fix neo there?

  • Brileant good

  • Oh oh oh!!! Do Avatar. Like, redo the entire movie. Make it look passable lol

  • I wish they would have fixed the torso too.

  • It got so much better!!! You can do the Matrix Reloaded fight scene when Neo becomes a plastic toy and fly with the stick!

  • This randomly comes up on my feed in 2021 - when he Tom Cruise deepfake is blowing up and it's also featured in this video from mid 2019?! wow

  • It was okay. It does look better to me but the face looks a bit numb. This didn’t dig your grave, the Tom Cruise one did with the wonky eye. You did redeem yourself with the John Wick deep fake though.

  • The scorpion looks like if the rock was in a low budget video game

  • somebody hire them for the VFX god

  • You guys are awesome... but now you all have spoiled the original movie for me, permanently! I won't be able to see what I saw as a child... lol

  • I swear to God i dont remember it being that bad

  • can u fix malayalam movie .athishayan.

  • lol why does the rock in ur version in this scene like a sassy flamboyant guy trying to dance ? i think u guys make it worst.

  • Why would I get Raycons if I have Bose earbuds?

  • I love your work

  • Which soft you use

  • Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

  • Thank you!! I always hoped this shot could be remastered with today's technology. It was so bad that it stuck in my mind for years as the biggest disappointment in the movie. It's not a Star War level classic so nobody had spent any effort on fixing it. I am finally at peace with that scene now. Thank you!

  • try fixing the movie jurasic games it has some terrible segments in it

  • Needs deepfake.

  • scenes to fix: spawn: the devil scene... mortal kombat anilation basically the whole movie... xD

  • his eyes are just dead i find too.

  • the arm looks like Burnt pizza

  • you just make it warser...

  • Plot twist this whole video is cgi

  • 6:43 actually i thought that was Eric Bishof from wwe 😅

  • The new one DEF looks better.

  • Id love to see this whole scene if they had two months to do it.

  • Personally, I like this boy's work better and he has very few subs for his work: isprofile.info/round/ZXbWcv7fSZFTAZV4beckyw

  • G hasani gooding

  • Tanoai Reed and robbie Jones

  • Tenquiu gais! Nau ai can gou tu eslip peisfuli!

  • Blade was such a great movie till the vfx ending bad guy exploded.

  • its not that its ''old'' that thing was bad , when it came out too .....

  • looks even worst

  • Parece cinematica de Metal Gear Solid V

  • It looks stupid!

  • You should fix Avatar the last airbender movie..

  • could you fix season 8 of game of thrones?

  • it still looks the same