VFX Artist Reveals the True Scale of Atoms

Birt 19 des 2019
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Wren uses VFX magic to show you how small the Universe gets... spoilers: really really small.
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  • nerd

  • plank penny size = 5.83824856268399976 * 10 ^ 33 kilometers

  • 4:37 in dog we trust

  • What I want to know now is how big the whole universe would be if we scaled a Planck length up to a tennis ball...

  • transition between legs and head 3:22 is amazing

  • Fuck whoever made this channel look what he’s doing 4:37

  • Omg

  • Did you know, that if you could go at a speed of warp 10, you could exist at all points, anywhere, all at once! Warp 10 velocity = ♾️ velocity!

  • It is crazy that a penny is 1 quadrillion light years big or 8.7 × 10 ¹⁵ light years

  • if atom was in the size of tennis ball then we would me not as same as now and dont call that tennis ball

  • you should do what you did with the penny but do it with a quarter

  • 4:38 In *d o g* We Trust

  • You know what's interesting, in some motherfucking parallel universe all of this is true.

  • Is that a meteorite in the background??? 1:14

  • Red blood cells: I TOLD YOU PAY UP! 3:07

  • I am so glad my Science Teacher is using your videos to teach us.

  • 2021?

  • Question “do you know how big the number centillion is? If you put a centillion Planck lengths next to each other it would make a length longer than our universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😵😵😵

  • Epic boss muisc

  • The universe is a penny. Confirmed by Wren.

  • Why arent there million of likes

  • They just give another level to plank length.

  • Then My _mustache_ would be bigger than the solar system

  • 2:45 *DEMONETIZED*

  • 3:02 Monday, 35/67/99

  • In dog we trust

  • The entire matter of the human race could fit inside sugar cube

  • I love with elements / particles when you finally think you're at the smallest point, there's an even smaller one

  • The evolution of vsauce

  • Alright ur my new science teacher

  • Very good🖐️♥️😘

  • 4tryii8o ‘ok”k

  • if they grow so every thing will grow because they are the building unit so nothing will change

  • no one is talking about how the penny aid in dog we trust

  • me before:oooooooooooo big stuff me after:*mind go boom*

  • What about whale size as that

  • If atoms where the size off tennisballs how big a chocolate bar be

  • That is about 6,635,520,000 universes that the penny is taking.

  • Now i'm scared of the fact that our galaxy can be destroyed by giant penny that just casually floats thru the depths of space

  • holy balls thats awsome

  • 5:02 I googled it and Jupiter's orbit around the sun is actually 484 million miles ( 778'922'496 KM ) but I didn't research enough to know if that's true or not but again it would be a coincidence if that penny was exactly the with of Jupiter's orbit

  • That’s a good camera

  • The alert bag anteriorly form because agenda counterintuitively command near a melted napkin. squeamish, nebulous move

  • If the DNA was that big what would happen to the DNA inside our body lol

  • This is my favorite science video because I love how he took an every day objet like a penny and a tennis ball and managed to make a whole science video with it

  • He should be a science professor.

  • Moral of the story: it takes 14 pennies to reach the closest star, and here Musk wasting billions to reach Mars

  • 0:25 lol@ breaking the slide xD

  • amazing video

  • 4:38 "In dog we trust"😎✌

  • I love how the background music at one point sounds like when the protagonist is still alive and is using the last of their strength to beat the bad guy.

  • I like this visus Shirt

  • 7:53 thats danny gonzalez also did you use his footage without his permission

    • danny gonzalez works in corridor crew, dumbass

  • corridor crew: *supports top 10 games you can play in your head by yourself* me: wait what if you get stuck in it like you cant get out

  • 4:40 on the coin it says "IN DOG WE TRUST "

  • Meanwhile ... our entire solar system is but a single atom within a galaxy molecule inside the cell membrane of the universe.

  • Don't worry it's just a red blood cell

  • Well done, guys! 👍 More, please! 😄

  • Abraham Lincoln would be proud

  • The Earth would be the size of the universe if a tennis ball was the size of an atom

  • If walls and other stuff are atom then... Ima go walk throw a banks vault now

  • Lol at, 4:39, the penny says, In Dog we Trust instead of In God We Trust

  • How tall would we be if an atom was tennis ball size? Could i finally achieve my goal of being taller than 6 ft?

  • The explaination is so fast together with the visualization of this video, I don't understand well. T T

    • You could've just, you know, rewind it or some shit

  • People say if a atom was the the size of a tennis ball it would be big but no it would be the size of a tennis ball

  • 4:00 thanos lite😂😂😂 nusret

  • The empty space is an energy

    • And maybe the electron are on the another side of the universe

  • 4:39 in *dog* we trust?

  • I am taller than 14 pennies which means on the golf ball scale tennis balls I would be about the size I would be multiple galaxies long

  • 5:26 for some reason I was genuinely scared to see that scale

  • It's a shame we'll never live long enough to see it all. that'd be cool. Space travel.

  • How big would earth be if tennis balls where plank length?

    • WOULD IT BE BIGGER THAN THE MULTIVERSE!? well there's no proof that a multiverse exists of course.

  • at 4:38 is says in dog we trust

  • Aye THATS WHY UNIVERSE IS INFINITE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (X-Files background theme)

  • bruuuh

  • Kwkfrokofolpakopsaådkfadpdfslfkddjaj

  • 1:14 astronode in bakcround😱

    • thats a cloud

  • ITS a really cool video

  • 4:50 he Scaled a proton to a size of tennis ball and penny got to a size of our earth's diameter. But 4:59 How did the penny got to size of 1.5Bkm. Plz anyone help me.

    • @Leonardo Del Toro thanks you so mcuh sir. 😊

    • Hi, The scale of a penny at the size of the earth's diameter is if an atom was the size of a tennis ball. A proton at the size of a tennis ball would make the penny 1.5Bkm wide,

  • Hey

  • Me going to the next star system: tell em to bring me my money

  • an atom is made of smaller atom right?

  • if a quark was as big as the earth, how big would the penny be

  • Thanks for the free existential crisis

  • Insert pp joke the video

  • I still can't comprehend it.

  • Thank you wren

  • is that the same office as the VFX guys? Also, if school was taught this way, kids would really begin to take interest

  • 0:21 They broke the slide

  • The way his forehead moves

  • If people say they're tall they are.....wrong?

  • 4:39 “In dog we trust”

  • This guy creeps me a bit... he feels like a bit crazy to me...

  • It's fun to see all the VFX in this video, but trying to understand what the guy is saying makes my head hurt.

  • hold on let me find my brain cells

  • 1:20 I laughed at this. Just finished WandaVision and this looks like the Hex. Except it’s more like the Tri. It’s a bunch of triangles

  • Nice motion graphics.

  • Atom

  • this is too much for my brain

  • 0:23 "Oops! Bring me another slice and let's repeat the take, please." "I'm sorry, that was our last one" Congratulations to @Corridor Crew to reinvent themselves and starting divulging science!