VFX Artists React to STAR WARS bad and Great CGi

Birt 14 des 2019
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Niko, Clint, and Wren sit down to react to some of the zestiest CGi moments from the original STAR WARS trilogy: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • Imagine being excited over noticing a very obvious Stop motion moment.


  • I love you guys and your channel and follow and subscriped, but did you feel humbled after doing all this research? Im an animator and fx artist and still just feel so humbled after i watch any fx movie from the 70s and 80s. Excellent episode and i love the respect you showed!

  • You list Star wars: A New Hope as being from 1977. This is not true. In the 1977 there was a movie called Star Wars that was released, though.

  • The problem is that many of the original effects were tweaked for the re-realese, so you can't really see much of the original work that was made.

  • @7:45 LOTR part 1 Dec 28th, 2019 LOTR part 2 Jan 4th, 2019 hmmmmmm 😂

  • Break down revenge of the sith!! Specifically the scene called “battle of the heroes”

  • I love the original trilogy, but revenge of the sith is the greatest one out of all, we don’t talk about the new one

  • What’s the music in the outro of the video?

  • I’m 15, and I didn’t have they honor of seeing the originals in theater. These 3 movies are still hands down the greatest ever made. The new ones will never have the same vibe that these had.

  • You have to react to "kung fury"!!!

  • uhh... it wasn't before computers. A computer was used to create the motion control system. Also, Pong, one of the first video games, came out in 1972.

  • Return of the Jeddy 😂😂😂

  • And can we not forget the astonishing music that accompanied The Battle in the Snow?

  • Tarzan . The wonder car

  • id love for you guys to do an episode about remastered movies/shows and how thats done as well as comparing the remastered versions to the originals when they replace their effects such as how the original star wars trilogy did i still laugh at the jabba the hutt scene that was just a human guy as jabba and was cut from the theatrical release (star wars, buffy the vampire slayer, charmed...)

  • After all the remastering, the added effects, the polishing, you cannot tell if what you see are 70s or 80s effects or not. I bet if had a VHS or reel from that time you would see a lot more bloopers.

  • Crazy

  • Can you guys do, Apollo 13 VFX breakdown..??

  • 9:40 Return of the *jeddy*

  • FYI its not A T A Ts they are called At Ats

  • Do timelapse scenes from "The Time Machine" and "Noah"

  • I know the Star Wars trilogy had many accomplishments in the field of visual effects... But I think the even bigger triumph is Clint actually having seen something that isn't anime or a martial arts movie.

  • There's never not this little ember of rage deep in my soul every time I see that dumb-ass CG ring around the exploding Death Star.

  • It doesn’t matter how they did it or if it can be done better now, all that really matters is that when I watch these original films I’m ten years old again and I’m happy..

  • Fun fact:in those close ups on the ship,especially the X wings,some bits would come off and they had to spend painstaking hours fixing that.

  • Star Wars 1977 cgi is better thanks some 2021 movies CGI.that CGI is so impressive even today

  • Jedie?

  • absolutely magical.

  • hey but, how did they do the explosion of the death star??

  • Здравствуйте. у вас классные ролики и информативные. Разберите пожалуйста эффекты из фильма My Favorite Martian.

  • Okay so, stunning visual effects, looks really good even NOW. But the single most amazing aspect of Empire Strikes Back for me, was the very simple fact that they filmed it in Norway, AND THE ACTORS ACTUALLY LOOK COLD. We can talk about VFX until we're all blue in the face, but you know who NEVER seems to be blue in the face in movies? Actors in allegedly cold places! Skin turns red, it shrinks, facial muscles go numb and your expressions change, the wind physically hurts your face, and everyone looks pissed off. As someone who lives in a place that actually HAS -40C weather, I'm always disappointed when they pretend an actor is in -30C, for entire minutes on end, and their nose hasn't even started to turn red yet. Luke freezing his butt off on Hoth LOOKED extremely realistic *BECAUSE IT WAS REAL*.

  • I love Star Wars

  • Part of what you have to know is, as a child going to the theater to watch these movies, these were ground breaking techniques. We'd never seen these things. CGI wasn't saturated and "okay, meh..seen it before" commonplace. You guys also have to give SOUND big props as well. The sounds they created for these movies were also unique, and accompanied by these huge scenes, it was LOUD, and almost breathtaking at times. That, as a child, was what I remember about going to see these movies. Losing my breath in wonderment. Like being on a rollercoaster. These are the kind of things where yes, you HAD to be there and if you weren't, it would be hard to reproduce that today.

  • Can you teach us more about the blasters?

  • Can you do an episode on Star Trek? We have First Contact day on April 5th and then Star Trek's 55th anniversary on September 22nd.

  • i have my own Fun fact a lot of the asteroids in Star Wars were made from potatoes

  • 9:40 "return of the jedee" that haunts me now

  • Its crazy that most of the people dont know the work and creativity that goes into stuff like this, im guilty too

  • Instead of referring to it has 'the original start wars', could we just call it 'star wars' and instead refer all other content post Return of the Jedi as 'not start wars' or 'trash star wars'. cheers

  • Make barny rated r

  • Well done! Thanks for that. The Dykstra-Cam was named for John Dykstra, the special effect expert for all of this. :)

  • RED orang yellow GREEN bluE purple

  • Star Wars IS sci fi. Thats why its science Fiction!

  • 09:49 return of the hwat?

  • “Return of the jede” lol

  • Return of the JEDE lol

  • Diy how to make a good movie

  • they didn't say anything about the stick coming out and pushing the atat over lol

  • it's the return of the word jedy.. or jeydee.. or whatever xD

  • They never mentioned how Vader’s head just clipped through the ship after it landed on the platform in Endor

  • what the f#!k is a jedie

  • 9:40 return of the Jedie?

  • Am i the only one that really really really wants that AT AT model or even the cardboard cut outs?

  • Its funny how the word "artist" is being used loosely

  • I still have the VHS of the unedited original releases without the extra crap that Lucas added in later. Han shot first etc.

  • Go-Motion wasn’t.first used in film until “Dragonslayer” (1981) another ILM special effects film. It’s used to create the motion blur in camera as each frame is exposed during stop motion animation by actually moving the armature with motors and servos during the shutter action .

  • OT Star wars is just master piece after master piece!

  • Lukes lightsaber flying off when fighting Vader wa actually intentional. It needed to release so he could cut through the railing and Vaders hand. If the pole was still there it would stop it

  • Jesus, this was riveting! I had ZERO clue it was THAT complex. And I knew it was COMPLEX. 😆

  • Everybody talking about jedee, that it was a joke. Well, a joke is supposed to be funny. When there's no context, it's just lame. Being on the outside of an inside joke, when you're the audience, is just a waste of a joke. Oh. JedEYE in every language. Everybody has the mouth parts to make those sounds. Just sayin'.

    • @Little Chickey Hudak It was an inside joke because the guy mispronounces it all the time, on purpose. Why mispronounce it on purpose? There are two obvious reasons. First reason - you ain't never seen a Star wars movie before. Second reason - you're trying to be funny. It ain't anything to get your panties in a wad about, it just ain't funny.

    • @Ash Davis what makes you think it’s an inside joke??? The joke is just that he pronounced it in a silly way. It’s no different than, for example, when people purposely mix up facts about Star Wars and Star Trek. It was just a tiny little goof and you had to go on this holier-than-thou rant about how you have some elevated sense of humour and that they must be morons for making a joke that you personally didn’t find funny.

    • @Little Chickey Hudak I'm full of myself? How am I full of myself? I'm not talking about myself, and I'm not involving myself in whatever this situation is, except to make a point. Demonstrate the logical flaw of my argument. An inside joke is lame if you are on the outside of it. What I'm saying comes down to this. When someone (this channel) is purposefully communicating something to a target audience (us), especially if that thing being communicated is a joke, it helps a whole lot to consider the audience you are targeting. Otherwise you just sound stupid.

    • jesus you're full of yourself

  • BladeRunner please... matte painting paradise.

  • Ryan Johnson ruined Star Wars

  • A 6 year old kid, I think a politician’s daughter, was watching the films in order, i.e, prequels first. When she got to Return of the Jedi, and Luke got to Dagobah, she gasped in surprise, turned to her dad and said “Daddy! Yoda’s REAL!” She knew, in the earlier films, that Yoda was just a special effect.

  • Return Of The Jeti

  • You guys need to look at the intro for "what a girl wants"

  • I actually believe in return of the Jedi, the metal stick for Luke’s Sabre was supposed to fly out in order for him to make the motion of him cutting Vader’s arm off.

  • Please react to The last battle from Ready Player One

  • Morons.

  • Wasnt the AT-ST in that shot on Hoth a CG model added in the later editions?

  • 1:40 I can read Obi-Wan’s thoughts: “Jeez, kid, you almost stabbed me in the face with that thing!”

  • My mind was blown continuously during this video,. Maybe that what the sequels are missing other than poor character development and story telling, which is ground breaking innovation and just simple great character development like the prequels and the original trilogy had

  • You guys should take a look at the show ReBoot (1994)

  • a bunch of the saber affects you reacted to were changed with modern cgi you guys should react to the despecialized edition of star wars

  • Return of the what now?

  • This is why I love star wars.

  • Comparing the first Godzilla movies to start using special effects to the new CGi films would be neat to show how much it has evolved.

  • Possibly the most iconic voice in film history.

  • watch the death star

  • fun fact: the asteroids in the empire strikes back were actually painted potatos

    • Some of them. Don’t blanket statement

  • Niko: The Deep Thinker Wren: The Cheeky Boi Clint:

    • Clint:👁️👄👁️

  • U showed the special edition with the mat painting and obi wan. In the original u can clearly see that it is a painting

  • Terminator 3 Bathroom fight scene!!

  • Surprised you guys didn't mention that at 15:16 you can see a rod pushing the rear leg up to make the ATAT fall over.

  • 7:45 the dates are wrong

  • I just think it's so incredible how something as old as that looks better than most of the stuff out today

  • This is the reason I feel like I should watch such videos about the movie before I actually watch the movie because if directly watch the movie I'll be like okay cool that shot was cool no big deal but when you see this and understand what actually went through its makes it much better to watch it later

  • star wars > star trek like if you agree

  • Can you react Harry Potter the three head dog scene

  • The background on Hoth was painted by a kid

  • Thank you for this. I've honestly taken a lot of visual effects for granted

  • So basically they did some sick alpha channels. :D

  • This is the millionth time I've watched this. My favorite VFX artists react video. You should do a star trek off comparing and ranking the difference VFX shots from the original all the way to the most modern movies/shows!!

  • These reaction videos help me to know how to do certain things old school style. Love these

  • December and January 2019

  • no one: literally no one: wren: jedie

  • Return of the Jedee

  • I love watching these how they have done it videos, and classic Star Wars, is a gold mine, but as much as it is cool and really impressive it might be, some of these things were done because they were the only way to do it, not because they decided they want to use practical effects and other stuff instead of CGI, as much as these are cool, lots of it look like a dated visual effect, and when it comes to ships, a good CGI is always the best way to do it, ships where really limited to just some cuts and basic maneuvers when filmed in a set with a real model, and feel janky and weird a lot of times in these old movies, things that are not a problem at all for a 3D model, in the hands of a good or great artist and animator, which is always the main secret behind any great effect, it can look as good or even better than any practical model, and is where CGI excels to me. As they did similar things in the Mandalorian, it is not necessary at all to make great looking visual effects for ships, it was more like to catch that "they made it the cool way" vibe than the most effective way to do it.

  • Meet Kylo Wren

  • EPIC