We Fixed the Worst VFX Movie Ever

Birt 8 nóv 2020
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Inspired by one of the best "worst" movies of all time: "Birdemic: Shock and Terror," the Crew sets out to re-edit, re-master, and totally re-imagine the classic cult hit. Even with the help of lead actress Whitney Moore, this is sure to be one of their most challenging VFX Makeovers yet.
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  • 18:15 must be inspired by RE 0 Billy Coen when he said "Hey Queenie, feast on this" lol.

  • Release the Corridor Cut!

  • I want to watch the full remake

  • Redo upgrade

  • Jontron would be proud.

  • Lol the orange ring on the gun. So whens the DVD come out?

  • Petition for corridor crew to make movies

  • Just add better GIFs to it..................... lol 17:36 Umm, birds fly with their legs extended to the back, not down. Cinema Sin! :)

  • Please review movie tumbaad

  • the birdemic feels like it should've been a good bird-monster movie but it isn't

  • One awful movie that I want to put you guys to the test is The Incredible "Bulk".

  • Whitney Moore is so endearing. Her stuff with ETC daily (now Internet today) was great.

  • Y’all should fix VelociPastor

  • Fix Food Fight

  • 19:58 What is music name?


  • i cant be the only one that saw he's wearing a rotor riot shirt

  • 11:45 it’s so f- AAAAA -g stupid

  • 13:41 It looks like dean was trying to hold his laughter

  • Wow. Nice hardwork plus the actress is 1000 times more attractive now

  • **"Hey bird brain! Pick on someone your own species"

  • They’ve made Birdemic now look like a Syfy Original movie, which is still a massive upgrade from what it was.

  • The ahead forest strikingly treat because numeric moberly breathe following a hulking wheel. itchy, cynical carol

  • Probaly kicko and superspeedo but its a cartoon in hindi

  • Whitney is such a mood 😍

  • Idk why, but I think Peter is the secret kid of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman 🤣 With all respect to all of them.

  • Sooo have you guys considered redoing a Neil Breen movie? ANY Neil Breen movie?

  • It really looks like it’s intentionally bad

  • Wren: Demonstrates rag doll physics Peter: What the -

  • it's that birds

  • Birdemic the extreme

  • Now put spot in I SAID NOW ok I just love boston dynamics spot robot dog Edit sponsored segments that do it like this and make it relevant and not like talking about cars then a sponsored segment comes they talk about irrelevant stuff

  • Hmmi have no idea but ill just copy this movie i meant *OUR MOVIE*


  • Shark boy and lava girl remake

  • Bloodfreak

  • I laugh so hard on the "RPG" part LOL!!

  • Too bad you couldn’t fix the acting

  • My god the original movie hurts me physically

  • Fix The Langoliers... I triple dog dare you!

  • You guys need to re-make the vfx on 'Who Killed Captain Alex'! the film is actually pretty good considering the budget and resources. It's a good laugh!

  • My movie

  • Nobody: Me: 18:09 reverse bear trap!!!!!!!!

  • That’s a boss bird!

  • This movie wasn't just low budget. The only thing they bought was that can of gas. Everything else was just asking shop keepers and waitresses really nicely for a favour. Haha!

  • No way was Whitney from sourcefed in birdemic!!

  • Nobody gonna ask them to see what they think of Kung Fury? Aight... :/ 🤣

  • Did you saw it from triggered insaan 😜

  • 18:30 I spit out my coffee

  • this channel is so interesting but these guys are so douchy

  • Jesus saves

  • Please give your lives to Jesus he loves you and he wants u in heaven

  • they should have add a scene where a guy kills 2 birds with one stone

  • I can't believe this Is actually good😂😂😂

  • robot 2.0

  • There is a category Z movie with piranhas in it. You should fix it.

  • I had the perfect time to go get some milk and cookies while the sponsored segment was happening LOL

  • The busy ghost literally tremble because temple reportedly excuse versus a tame liver. scattered, fuzzy team

  • Could us more lighting and less glitching

  • Flock off featherface

  • i didn.t expect that bad

  • Some dude in the government turned on attack mode on the birds.

  • I feel like the vfx in the movie I’m making will probably be worse

  • I literally prefer this new version

  • Did that already do amazing bulk

  • Y'all should try to fix the vfx in the live action avatar the last airbender movie. It was janky and maybe y'all could improve it?

  • Not gonna lie, Whitney aged like fine wine

  • Definitely I will be great full even If I design those feathers.png image for you!😊

  • 🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏😂👌☺☺😊😊😊😊

  • Amazing bulk

  • I got a nightmare from watching that boss battle eagle and the worst thing is that i had my lights off in my room

  • 😁😁

  • Gorilla bird??

  • Remake "Trollland"

  • You should put links to the movies you edit but the edited version because since it’s edited they cannot copyright it

  • But this movie's VFX is way better than Indian TV series NAGIN🤣

  • Sooo this new vfx is suppose to be good? These guys are not senior vfx guys and do not have good techniques. This is horrible vfx

  • R rated The Room I Did Hit Her :)

  • vfx is so good i feel sorry for the big bird

  • This is that one film that VICE did a documentary on Also who here is from that VICE video?

  • Film pekok

  • 18:6 r rated

  • Hey come here feather face

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  • nice video, how about you fix the movie, Zoombies

  • 9:01 i really want to meme this thing but i just dont have a creative brain :( Edit: the quick change of guns holy shit

  • I enjoy birdemic as a comedy action flick

  • And then the director of the film will hire them

  • looks a LOT better

  • Birbs

  • Soft body kinda sus 12:39

  • toucan play this game

  • “I peed the bed, now I need to clean it.” -me 2020

  • What makes the movie so bad its good is the VFX. The terrible birds made this a hot comedy movie.

  • Indonesian sfx be like

  • i hated this f you

  • 17:00 is where you will no longer get any spoilers if you just want to see the results!

  • The acting sounds like a school play

  • The acting was im-PECC-able