VFX Artist Shows You TRUE POWER of Warships!

Birt 18 ágú 2019
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Wren uses VFX to show you the power of the world's largest Warships!
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  • I will unsubscribe just because you can’t pronounce Jedi right, but you know more about Star Trek. Ok JK I’m not serious.

  • Lots of errors 1: the ship is a battleship not a ‘’warship in general’’ 2: the ship is called the uss missouri on the ‘’exploding ship’’ picture at the begining 3: the uss enterprise is not the biggest in ww2 it was uss midway 4: not guns *canons* 5:not bullets *shells* they are called *shells* 6: i think the earth is flat but that doesnt matter 7: the ship wont be abail to hit the mothership bc the shells drop down like a balloon 8:tirpitz is not the best ship bismarck is Now try and change some stuff i said and if its worthy enough ill change pr add stuff to the list

  • Every other single person in existence: Metric system Americans4:41-4:46 cars and hamster

  • I think you accidentally took vsauce's script.

  • gun is strong... but water is stronger.

  • A year late to this party, but I figured I'd share. My grandfather served aboard the USS New Jersey, a sister ship to the USS Iowa. He talked about when they fired a full broadside (all 9 main guns) the entire ship would move about 20 feet sideways. So, while it isn't enough to break the ship or capsize it, it does get moved quite a bit.

  • 4:37 Imagine being shot by a bullet Bigger than you

  • these videos make learning so much more fun then school does

  • I’m still pissed he put a camera lens in water

  • when no one mentions the kirov battlecruiser the worlds biggest battlecruiser is sad

  • Does anyone know what music they use at 3:23

  • Wreeeeen! Need more of these asap.

  • I have 190 ships on world of warships legends.

  • So it’s basically taller than the maze bank tower🙂

  • Corridor Crew: "Bullet" People with naval knowledge: "Um, it's called a shell"

  • the battleship is called uss iowa

  • Iowa gang

  • 0:32 uh what happened to the 2 front destructive guns?

  • 2:58 Maze Bank

  • I know the World is round but use another page not Wikipedia

  • Best ad video ever.

  • hi wren, I really like your "vfx artists explains series". there are probably my favourite videos on your channel. But can do me a favour and give the nonamerican viewers also some metric data? it is kind of annoying try to watch your video and do the calculation myself to get a better perspective.that would be awsome!

  • it sped up 7:51

  • This physically hurt me to watch

  • Even knowing that it’s a mug, that image of a immerged lenses will keep haunting me for a while.

  • Nice gemini shirt

  • the most intersting part of the ship that it has three guns its a war ship -_-

  • Now go to the USS. Midway in San Diego. It’s a pretty cool carrier to go on to.

  • 0:04 did you just did a zach king magic trick and 3:27 uhh i don't see any gun's

  • The ship that was firing was the uss Iowa

  • they are not bullets, they are shells

  • No car shot just a 1 big fat AD

  • 01:27 , man u put that in water ?

  • 1:36 scene this video

  • Stop using feets. Use systeme Internationale

  • The iowa class has a new jersey variant, including tomahawks and harpoon missiles if i’m not wrong meaning it had some anti ship and some air superiority

  • 5:28 flat earthers disliked that

  • That 1m³ square of water wasn't proportional at all!!! Unless all your staff are at least 2m high!! Please don't bullshit us just to seem more amazing

  • Who else realizes that in every video you watch from these people ur brain just gets dubbled in size!!

  • 4.9K dislikes: the earth is round?

    • @chicken soldier my point was that there are errors in the video

    • @PBJMan Guys guys guys.... he isnt an artist, not a historian or a war master

    • And that he calls the shells bullets, he was talking about the Paris gun while a picture of the Gustav, etc.

  • This whole video is an ad

  • Wait my ceo name on gta5 is uss😂😂 that’s why my friend asked with a ship or sum

  • Wow 🤩 bro i am a 🇮🇳 indian

  • I've never seen the sea or a ship in my life, but I find these machines so impressive.

  • im just thinking on how you can down a jet with a potato cannon

    • Realistically its impossible, but only for jet engined planes. You can down a usual passenger plane tho.

  • this vid is weird hes showing the movie independens day but how did he get the movie so fast

  • "the earth is round" *Flat earthers have joined the chat*

  • 5:30 i wonder how flat earthers feel every time when they hear this lol

  • I have been on that ship before

  • Taller than maze bank you mean?

  • Wha why did you stop the star trek talk 😭

  • You know damn well if aliens visit we aren’t firing shit at the mothership

  • I likey this video

  • bruh, please use metric. It has already been proven that it is superior

  • Why do youtubers feel they have to act they are mentally ill when presenting something interesting

  • Buoyancy is less about weight and more on the side of density

  • Supreme-acy

  • I fast forwarded every time he mentioned world of warships. And i got pissed each time that clown called shells for bullets. That like calling a MC a truck.

  • Bruh why u sound prepubescent the whole damn vid

  • How do you play it I can’t I’ve tried it before but it’s rubbish

  • the field trip at the uss iowa was fun 🥲

  • Dude there are many container ships with length of 400 m in length and there were few oil tankers and bulk carrier having length just over 400 m. The longest ship ever built was known by several name such as Knock Nevis/ Seavise giant/ Jahare Viking which was an oil tanker. That beast was 458m in length!!!!

  • He got the term gun right, but not bullets.

  • Don't make videos while on meth. i know the idiot generation can't read and has an attention span of seconds before they throw a tantrum, but it makes for a painful watch.

  • That was a fucking smooth transition to the sponsor segment

  • Not even considering world of warships until they add submarines

  • He lost me when he said "curvature of the earth". I can't support a channel that puts out factual science.

    • @SuperW4r couldn't have said it better myself

    • I know right the dang curvature supporters and their scientist and “research”. Us flat earthers dont need research just information from a book written 1000s of years ago by men who knew nothing about science. Keep trying to make me believe your lies illuminati it wont work.

  • Maaaaan, this video needed to be at least 25m long !

  • 4:28 that is not even remotely close to what caliber means

  • Just passing to say that the thumbnail is awesome.

  • This guy sounds EXTREMELY gay.

  • Noob ship

  • "Aircraft carriers are some of the largest floating things in existence" Cargo ships: Am i a joke to you? cargo ships are much bigger than aircraft carriers actually ;-;

  • Legends sucks world of warships blits is better

  • 5:29 flat earthers= Illuminati confirmed

  • kia soul ^^

  • Wish all commercials were this good.

  • 24 miles range of battleship bullet: Wow it’s so long 1500 miles range of tomahawk marine missiles: Hold my beer

  • Why does the intro sound like daily dose of internet??? Nope just me

  • Have you ever seen japanese YAMATO ..

  • i hope those are all prop guns because if they aren't you needa buy a safe

  • As a naval nerd, all the wrong terms just bug me. But nice enthusiasm

  • Y'all need to quit picking at Wren. Bullets and shells are both parts of the whole component, so really you're all wrong :)

  • Bad a** gun room 👌🏼

  • I guess.... ad's we're not enough for WOW

  • Range of 24 miles? Air craft carrier can hit objects which are 100s of miles deep inland, with its airplanes. Battleships were already obsolete during world war 2. So when Japan fleet attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 they really achieved little to nothing. Because all important and key targets - aircraft carriers, were far out on the sea.

  • 16 inches diameter? shows a shell that is more 16 inch circumference

  • Beta male battleship 101

  • he : "very big boat" me: ship?


  • Anyone else click on this video expecting him to explain how Muslims warship Allah in Mecca? No? Just me? Ok...

  • You pointed out one myth but stumbled into another one - not only will the recoil from the guns not capsize the ship, it's not going to move the ship sideways at all - it's just too big. Even if the Iowa was a frictionless hovercraft and there was no water to slow it down, the recoil would push it about six inches per second. With the water in the way, you'd be lucky to move it a millimeter.

  • Wait... the Earth is ROUND?

  • The water that gets displaced by a ship is the SAME weight than the ship its not heavyer. If the water displaced is heavyer you would have lift. What makes a part of the ship stick up above the waterline is the density. Water is more dense than the ship. As i watched this further I realised you confused heavy and dense. "Water is super heavy" - ok even ifg you replace it with "water is super dense" its still wrong. And for the finish: no problem was ever solved by googling the answer , someone solved a problem and was kind enough to let you google the answer and probably gave you the feeling to be able to solve such problems wich leads to examples of the diane-kruger effect like this video. And from one former VFX guy to one current - video looks amazing but the physics part is, lets say it can be improved upon.

  • Bullets?

  • It’s called a “shell” actually

  • The woozy sky physically talk because mosquito opportunely juggle lest a mushy oil. hulking, childlike period

  • The pumped flower concurrently coil because vegetarian weekly punish worth a vacuous bibliography. psychotic, curved schedule

  • gemini capsule shirt lol

  • “Kms tirpitz. The most powerful ship in the game” *sad kms Bismarck noises*