I Will Make a Sniper Camera!

Birt 27 nóv 2020
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In his unending search for the most tactical of camera rigs, Niko asks Wren to make him a custom shoulder mount that he can use like a rifle - a sniper camera that will never miss the shot!
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  • Russia made a camera sniper almost 80 years ago. Look up the Zenit Photosniper

  • This is like something that came out of the Soviet Union, search up "Photosniper", pretty cool piece of kit tbh

  • make that the magazine is the hard drive you can swap out

  • Didn't i did a thing already do this And Russia did it during the cold war

  • The photosniper, made by the Russians

  • I made a version of this with 15mm rods and claps from ebay. Super cheap and I used to use it for shooting live music all the time. Now I’m using a Ronan but I do miss the simplicity of this style.

  • You guys should make a tacticool reload type video with that rig, like Niko walks around offing people but instead of dying the people that get shot end up in a photo

  • Addition idea: Telescopic tripod or stabilizing stand from mag area for extra stability

  • 11:39 heart attack omfg!

  • У Шарика из Простоквашино уже было.

  • Fun fact: the germans or russian made a camera like this back in ww2 or ww1 (I think)

  • The Russians actually used a system like this back around the cold war era if I remember correctly

  • I have a hard time believing Wren has an engineering degree but doesn't know how wood works. :P Are you sure it isn't train engineering?

  • The fact that an AK design isn't straight does not matter at all. By the time you feel the recoil on your shoulder the bullet has long left the barrel. The only issue might be that it *may* increase the upward motion during the recoil but I have shot with a rifle that was based on the AK and I was just as accurate, or not accurate, as with a rifle that has a straight design.

  • 11:41 omg I almost had an heart attack

  • You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies

  • Wood? you mean wood infill filament? or is there some other wood?

  • If you put in the front holder for the gun you can have a remote focus with two buttons. It can be programable for two desired focal length and you press the button to quick switch or manual. And should add some stability

  • 11:42 i just skipped a beat idk why even if its a video

  • This is just gonna cause another court case wes and Wesley haven’t had enough friction

  • There's a Russian cartoon where a dog was given a weapon with a camera.

  • Buy drill press

  • Make the trigger the shutter button by deconstructing and remodelling a pre existing one

  • Add weight to the buttstock, it will bring the CG back nicely.

  • U should make it so that if u press the trigger, u take a picture or start recording

  • 11:39 your dead...

  • Pretty sure I Did A Thing came up with this

  • A gimbal would be cool to make shots even more stable

  • you just half ass committed a felony lol depending on what state you live in

  • No pilot hole 🤷‍♂️

  • Whats Wrong With Wrens Thumb? In 6:27

  • 11:43 that literally scared the heck out of me.

  • Use harder wood. Drill needs full speed.

  • I'm not sure why this isn't already a thing

    • It is, look up the Zenit Photosniper

  • I’d recommend painting that “mag” orange or any other color than black

  • Hey @Corridor Crew check this sniper camera isprofile.info/pac/ra6hXpN7l6CqkI8/v-deo.html

  • 11:40 Test your heart here!

  • Hmm.. call it Camerifle? Cameraifle?

  • Just found this. Looks like the soviets in the 70s had the same idea: isprofile.info/pac/ra6hXpN7l6CqkI8/v-deo.html

  • Make the trigger to take a pic or start video

  • Maybe contacted ArmaLite, see if they can put you in contact with one of their gun designers. They might be able to help really get it all balanced out.

  • Put the table clamp lower so you’re not holding the drill at head-level to drill downward, you’ll have much more control of the drill if you have it at chest height or lower

  • Things I would suggest to change on the camera, gun rig: -Add a rubber shoulder pad to the stock for comfort -Perhaps add hot shoe mounts to the receiver of the rifle for adding light rigs, audio rigs, etc. -Change the sling for one that is perhaps padded and mounts a little better the gun (I'm not sure how well those clips will hold up over time) -Polish the whole thing up so it looks pretty (optional)

  • one more thing they could've put a remote and slapp it on the trigger so you can actually "shoot" the camera

  • I have blown with my mask on all the time

  • Please watch the exigency

  • ‘MURIKA!!!

  • Well I guess now we at least know that masks work...

  • 11:39 my Hart dropped when that happened

  • Today on “Shit Only White Folks Can Use”

  • He was drilling along the grain

  • Version 2 would have a gimbal to stabilize it while moving. How about a sniper version for that long range mission

  • And that's genius!

  • Seeing that rusty gearbox hurt me

  • React to velocipastor. U can shoot it from ur camera but u can't catch it in ur camera coz velocipastor is big. OMG I'm going so low now.

  • This is amazing, love the idea of making the trigger a record button. Think it would be really cool if it incorporated some sort of locking gimbal as well so you could have the static camera and then with the flick of a switch, (like the saftey) you could then move around quickly following action and keep a smooth film.

  • Wren, what CAD software are you using?

  • What if you put a photo camera on there and when you pull the trigger, it snaps a pic

  • 11:39 When Wren almost dropped the camera I have never felt so much fear for someone else in my life before. This is equivalent to seeing another man get kicked in the nuts then feeling his pain....

  • If he wants it more centered on weight why not try a Bullpup design, so the mag is behind the trigger.

  • that is not california legal

  • The most american way to make some Shots

  • 11:40 a TSUNAMI of fear just flew through me

  • Make the reload sd cards

  • This video deserves more views because we absolutely need a part 2

  • And you should use a wood drillbit

  • I have never been more upset by a video, when Wren couldn't blow the dust off. Just pull off your mask for a second, wipe it off, or even tip it over and let the dust fall! Ah, I want the dust gone so bad

  • Rotate the wood grain so it sits flat when it's sitting upright on a table.

  • i just love , how happy they are doing what they love

  • For when you literally want to shoot a scene.

  • Wren is cringe at gunsmithing, it hurts watching him, I'm sorry

  • When your DSLR is a De-eScaLatoR

  • I GENUINELY believe this is THE BEST content there is on ISprofile

  • A japanese photographer that went viral a long time ago already uses a camera gun like this

  • 3670

  • That's why they say "measure twice, 3D print once"

  • Why not just move the handle more forward underneath the camera that way you don’t have to worry it about it being in front of your face and that way the the weight will already be above the handle

  • Rip for the APS gearbox

  • This title seems like a fiverr gig

  • Pilot hole first! @wren

  • I DID A THING already did dis

  • You guys should try using a bullpup airsoft rifle because the pistol grip is much further forward and the mag well is behind the grip. just a thought

  • This setup with a camera that has IBIS in it will be a beast 😁🎬

  • my god. my heart sank to the bottom of the Mariana trench when wren almost dropped the camera

  • It kinda reminds me of a scene from Pokemon indigo league, where Ash mistakes a photographer for somebody who wants to shoot him

  • It's the material. The type of wood will determine its strengths. Also slow and steady with proper sharpen tools ,bits etc. Will make a major difference

  • make a sniper sanitizer witch kills 10000000000% of germs

  • 11:39 such a missed opportunity to do a "To be continued...." meme.

  • In russian cartoon "Prostokvashino" there was a talking dog that had the same sniper camera;)

  • "I wish the weight was further back" one word... bullpup

  • When the quiet kid is the photographer

  • 11:42 my heart dropped 😂😂

  • Seems like a good way to get shot by a by-stander walking by. Especially these days.

    • or by the cops.

  • If you guys ever mass produced this I’m getting one

  • So as an engineer, I really want to comment on the fact that this is a perfect example of the engineering process. Well done! I would say maybe put the safety in series with the trigger record, because then you don't accidentally start recording before you mean to

  • 7:30 Wren, drill a pilot hole next time. And get a drill press. Niko, get a simple foregrip on that rig to give you more versatility in hand position.

  • How about the зенит фото снайпер?

  • You did pretty the same that KGB used in Soviet Union. The called it Photo Sniper FS-3 rifle. That was development for old film Zenit cameras and also had cool looking case for it Great job guys! KGB would like it

  • First drill a small hole with a small drill, then widen it with the full sized one

  • You could spray paint the gun bright orange