VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 37 (ft. Freddie Wong)

Birt 2 jan 2021
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Sam and Niko sit down with their old pal Freddie to breakdown some bad and great Hollywood VFX, as well as their own!
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  • Weird. A video with mature content not blocked by ISprofile asking for my age.

  • Freddie is easily my all time favorite youtube titan

  • Suggestion: Bring Freddie back frequently

  • hey guys, check my new video & let me know what do u think: isprofile.info/pac/gHigYpWEiYnNmZ0/v-deo.html

  • Please do Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 19 - Rui vs Tanjiro

  • You guys have to do Zack Snyder’s Justice League! Tons of new CGI, both great but also some janky ones

  • React to ip man 1,2,3and 4

  • 4:12 the seismic charge sound from star wars

  • React"The night comes for us "please

  • Please react to back to the future trilogy

  • The onyl good thing about 6 Underground was that sequence.

  • You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies

  • Start @6:50 for MEAT wagon 🤣🤣🤣

  • You guys should react to stranger things

  • Corridor Crew ft Captain Interrupts

  • Suggestion: KGF chapter 1 is a massive success movie world wide which released in 2018. Original language is kannada (south india) but the film was released in 5 different Indian languages world wide. Story, action and the making style was lauded by audience. It was not known that there was any level of VFX used in the move untill there was an award for the best VFX after some time. So they say the VFX was done so well that nobody could notice it. Can you guys check out the famous fight sequences and establishing shots in the gold mine scenes and breakdown the VFX part? And a review would be awesome! Anything on ISprofile about KGF gets a million views and likes as a bare minimum. Subs too perhaps! Thanks & cheers!

  • @9:43 *Talking about no bullet penetration in Hollywood. Deadpool 1: Do I look like a joke to you

  • Suggestion: Cat Shit One isprofile.info/pac/jKl_nGKjo6XOmmo/v-deo.html This short totally gripped me when I first saw it. Cute fluffy rabbits on an extraction mission in enemy territory.

  • You didnt even talk about the entire truck of guys that rambo turned into meat soup? What about when rambo first meets the mercenaries and takes out all the military guys with just arrows? Would love to know if thats all vfx

  • Suggestion: Real Steel

  • PLEASE REACT TO ANIMUSIC! (Also, maybe try and revive it as well 😜) #React #VFX #Animation #CGI

  • lol at praising Michael Bays film making but like to be fair his CGI stuff are usually great moments but still lol

  • 7:32 Try to get someone that looks at you the way Wren looks at blood

  • Suggestions love death and robots

  • Vfx artist react to videogames

  • react to VGHS!

  • iRobot car accident scene

  • Bro wtf was that game they showed of the guy flying? That looked cool.

  • I really enjoyed this one in particular about the painted blood parts. When I watched 300, my main complaint was that almost not blood ever touches the ground, it strictly across the screen as visual elements 90% of the time. I watch these to keep me on my toes about when I am called to do something by the director or my team on set because these days I haven't gotten around to do anything. I still have yet to perfect a squib shot at all, because they are kinda dangerous and no budget films can't afford to risk anything to our actors. Would love a video on how to do more blood stuff or vfx break downs.

  • Call Ian Hubert for upcoming VFX react

  • VGHS

  • Please watch the exigency

  • I never knew Michael Bay did that Got Milk commercial!!!! I loved it so much, it was hilarious!!

  • Did you guys ever review opening credit for Hardcore Henry?

  • Suggestion: Dont mess with the Zohan.

  • React to The Umbrella Academy talking goldfish person

  • Ivan Dorn - Wasted Check this out, russian music clip, full CG

  • React to velocipastor. Transformer dino stole this movies idea.

  • please please please react to the CGI in the Disney movie Dinosaurs!

  • in my opinion that PKP machine gun looks like its firing 50 cal not its native cartridge the way its ripping through people

  • Wren's mask has me questioning if they CGI'd the bottom half of his face in for this video now.

  • Fun Fact: That was also the very first "Got Milk?' commercial.

  • A couple of things I noticed on Rambo. When he fires the 50 cal at the guy sitting in the jeep, if you notice when his hat flies off there is a chunk of his head in the hat. 2nd, when he stabs and slices the guy through his gut and kicks him and he rolls . If you look you while he's rolling you can see through the slice which to me indicates it was so bad the there's nothing but spine holding this guy together. So having his top half roll slightly faster than his bottom, I feel, helped convey that. Especially because he kicked the top half so it would have more momentum in the turn than the bottom...just some food for thought

  • finally you guys covered a rambo movie

  • I’ve seen that Aaron Burr commercial so many times and had no idea it was Michael Bay

  • tell us bout game over movie it's like the violent movie ukwim

  • I don't know if this is VFX or stunts but there is this movie called Deja Vu (2006) and it's not great in my opinion but I have no idea what is good or what is bad so yeah just look at that

  • React to the desert chase scene in WW1984

  • Freddiew still alive?

  • sOMETIMES sam looked soo annoyed at freddie

  • Blakout VS Qatar Base Transformers 1 opening scene please react

  • Video game high school

  • can you guys react to FAN 2016 vfx showreel? isprofile.info/pac/rIasaZuCkJW3hH8/v-deo.html

  • You guys should make a reaction video of Rubber Johnny by Chris Cunningham!! It's a timeless masterpiece!

  • M.B. Movies sux

  • everything else is better in bad boys 3

  • 8:31 Freddy is right here, that's a dummy that was filled with a bunch of stuff and then they blew it up

  • 8:50 Sam's lips are moving while Niko is talking and I can't stop thinking about this. What was Sam saying????

  • Freddie lost some weight good for you man you look great!

  • Have you guys analysed the ED-209 boardroom sequence in the first RoboCop movie?

  • Suggestion: The music video of WIDE OPEN by The Chemical Brothers ft. Beck

  • Suggestion : All Monsterverse movies , Kong Skull island , Godzilla 2014 , Godzilla King of Monsters , Godzilla vs Kong Trailer.

  • Ouh those pure fun youtube days. People today wont understand and ever feel that

  • 7:21 Your telling me that face is fake

  • I literally just ate tomatoes soup and then watched that rambo scene...

  • you should check out otakus (real life dragon ball z) short film its really old but it got tons of good effects done like you guys did effects back in the day!!!!!!

  • Dhoome 3 special effects review please

  • Dhoome 3 special effects review please

  • Dhoome 3 special effects review please

  • Please do the first episode ever from vghs when Brian kills the Law that was great

  • 3:12 what game is it?

  • Suggestion= the movie assassins creed

  • Could you possibly react to favorite movies transformers, idk but they look real to me idk what you guys think though

  • please react to transformers! liek if u agree

  • Suggestion: Dua Lipa - IDGAF (Official Music Video) isprofile.info/pac/hp6blmamf6i1oGY/v-deo.html VFX and Cameraman works? How they did it?

  • Lol rambo making sauce tomato

  • Rango? (The one with J. Depp)

  • Had Freddie on and couldn’t watch 1 VGHS clip :(

  • When I watched the 6 underground for the first time I was blown away

  • War Of The Worlds (2005)

  • Man, it’s really quick but that click bait style CGI type and arrow pointing at joe exotic had me laughing more than it should....great stuff

  • The thing that gets me about the Rambo scene is that, as much as it's all squibs and CGI, the damage those guns do is NOT exaggerated.

  • 3:12 what's that game?

  • 6 underground is a hidden gem imo dont @ me

  • React to Voltes V Legacy

  • “Chunks falling out in video games taken for granted” Nigga it’s easily available of course we do, the moment it’s impossible we appreciate it again. Worth is fluid

  • Отличное видео, спасибо за ваш труд

  • Star trek Discovery please. especially battle scenes and spore drive thing.

  • Sam Jackson scene in Deep Blue Sea

  • there's definitely a "fuu-uu-uck" in there, guys, which is a nice change. :-)

  • can you guys do a Video on the Hobbit Triology? Love your content

  • Please check out Pinocchio in Once upon time theres a scene in season 2 episode 18 its some janky cgi character whos looks human but its just old stuff.

  • #hatsofftoRambo

  • I'm still waiting for you guys to upgrade the uncanny valley Luke Skywalker head in Mandalorian.

  • Suggestion: do a show on claymation.

  • Hey can you guys break down the awful wheelchair cgi scene from sons of anarchy please!?

  • Tokyo Vampire Hotel, shooting in the diner ep. 1

  • 3:43 I feel like 5'8" is actually pretty short.. I'm 6' though so 🤷‍♂️

    • always look forward to your videos !!

  • I dont think the rambo scene where they explode is that far from reality, if you've ever seen what a .50 cal does to ballistic gel then you'll see why 😅 great video guys!

  • Van Helsing when hugh jackman turns into a wolf and fights frakula would be sick for you guys to do