We Remade TRON in One Day

Birt 6 okt 2020
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Inspired by the recent "VFX Artists React to TRON," Niko and Peter set out to recreate the Light Cycle Scene from the original TRON film. Using modern tools, and old workflows, can they faithfully reproduce one of the earliest and grandest examples of CGi ever made?
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  • Hope to see the age when today's VR and Ray Tracing looks like Tron compared to what is out then.

  • Switch to "BLENDER" HOO-YAH!!

  • I wonder how you guys world do using only 1982 tech and no insider info on how they did it?

  • Redo the VFX from The Last Starfighter!!

  • I can say that I know Blender for 2 things now One is making TRON Two is... well not too safe for work per say

  • Y’all Are Just The Right Amount Of Annoying For Me to Still Like Y’all

  • Boo-lee-an

  • at 11:35 the recreation didn't look like the original because the latitude and longitude lines weren't moving compared to the light cycle very well which made the light cycle looking light it was moving very slowly. At 12:00 you see a side by side comparison and it becomes very obvious.At 14:03, it looks far better.

  • can y’all release a full thing

  • use blenderrrrrrrrrr

  • You should do 72 hours instead of 24 and do a visual overhaul of the old shit cg!

  • Next tron vid should be “fixing tron legacy clu head”

  • 8:14

  • Thats the artist equivalent of a handshake with a cheeky palm tickle at the end.

  • Thanks for teaching me about the boolean modifier! This looks super useful

  • 3:20 "Hey! Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

  • I call bull on that crash/explosion remake. I was not bamboozled. Everything else looks like it was remade except that part.

  • Very well done guys. Amazing job for a first time in Blender. Were btw all the original models sizes, and camera angles ect 3D scene info available for you to use in this recreation?

  • It's good. Now make a "NEW" version

  • Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

  • Seeing this reminded me of a scene I created in Lightwave about 10 years ago. Obviously I love Tron and Android. Takes me back. isprofile.info/pac/mohniHWXbovLf50/v-deo.html

  • a bit interesting this one scene wasnt rendered with the new lighting but it is what it issss 14:41

  • The rendering is spot on. The only thing that really stands out, as others have pointed out, is the ground. I don't know if the grid scrolls or something in the original, but in the new version you can really tell just how slow the bikes are moving when the camera is all zoomed out.

  • 14:40 they missed this part or what?

  • Blender is better , it's free ...

  • I really liked the new one with modern engine, that was excellent

  • Redo the special effects of the entire movie and release it. Please.

  • You need a computer in a studio sound proof room. This would help.


  • Im gonna be honest, I left because of the noise in the studio, would've like to finish the video.

  • Peter saying jif still gives me nightmares.

  • bruh i have the same mouse as niko

  • In 20 more years a new video will be titled Remaking TRON in 1 hour

  • There were shots from the OG that made the ground look like the grid's lines are moving the opposite direction to sell the speed of the lightcycles.

  • wait I thought tron was a game

  • To the editor of this vid editing the hammer sounds, vocals and music then blending all of it 👌

  • Now do it in tron legacy style

  • hey guys, check my new video & let me know what do u think: isprofile.info/pac/gHigYpWEiYnNmZ0/v-deo.html

  • Frame pacing on the new one is so wrong..looks choppy and slow

  • Miraculous! How have you done that?

  • This is really difficult to watch.

  • That is f#$%ing insane how good of a job you guys did! In your version, the only thing I actually noticed as different was the sense of speed generated in the original due to the way they did the grid...I liked that version better. That said, it doesn't take anything away from your effort! It's truly incredible what can be done in a day (and learning the new software too). The updated version that was 'slicker' - I didn't like as much. Of course, I am a fan of the original and I like the soft animated feel in the original. Can you guys please fix the original versions of Terminator, Total Recall, and bring them to life again? I would pay my $20 to watch the updated version. I was thinking too that if you could re-create movies like the original 'Clash of the Titans' which were cool due to the campy feel of the claymation ... and somehow merge the new tech with the claymation to keep the campy feel but improve upon it. The new versions of movies like Clash of the Titans tried too hard to make things look real and are not as good as a result. I would also pay my $20 to watch those ... especially if popular actors with modern styling were used instead .. vs the very 70s looking cheap stuff they did. Thanks for making this!!!!

  • man the noise is so annoying

  • Long live TRON!!! Best! Movies! Ever!

  • Love to see them make the original film look like the 2010 Tron: legacy, with all the new technology

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  • I could tell right away due to the grid they were driving on was not moving normally to show the speed of the bikes.

  • "G"if, not "J"if lol. I know this is a heavily debated subject but it just sounds bad when I hear someone actually say it, lol. Mostly just messin with ya though.

  • “Jifs”

  • the cgi version of that was so good

  • Amazing work - totally awesome!

  • Blender is best

  • He's not lying about the 3D software. I am a CATIA V5 guy and I can go between it SolidWorks and Fusion 360 no issue.

  • Not just for what’s on screen for the controls but also the keyboard and the mouse

  • I’m still a beginner on blender because I just downloaded blender todaySo it’s gonna take time to take in but I’m pretty sure we’re going to get the hang of that animating modeling texturing meshing all that type of stuffEspecially mastering the controls for how I do all the stuff

  • With the crud you literally made a cool remaster of it that is some really cool masterful masterful blender skills

  • Ah ah ah 14:40 forgot to change the animation or scene, basically update. Still the whole thing is cool

  • I went and saw the original Tron, in the theater as a kid. Loved it then, still love it today. I re-watch this movie a couple times a year and never get tired of it. Let me say, I don't think you guys, in any way, disrespected the original. It was fun to see your version compared to the original. I think you did a fantastic job for the time frame you gave yourself. Oh, and I also really liked the polished version at the end. Shiny.

  • God I'd love to actually see Tron remade with modern CGI

  • This video reminds me when I just started using solid works for the first time.

  • I think they could’ve used the grid lines to sell the speed a little better but otherwise this was such a fun video really awesome stuff

  • make star wars

  • Yay

  • Oh, this is GREAT!!! you guys did an amazing job!!!

  • Hey guys, nice videos you guys are doing but please, don't shot with that amount of noise around you :/ I was trying to pay attention to what you guys were trying to shot and then I went, "fck it" mode, and stop watching :/ because of noise.

  • original crew who worked on tron like " -_- your careers are built upon an alter wrought from our blood sweat and tears -_-"

  • Nice recreation. I much prefer your old style render to the newer glowing line version. It communicate the sense of a more platonic world inside the computer.

  • I have to say, I love this channel, and I generally am really impressed (or at least amused) with what these guys are able to do, but in this case, they really bit off a little more than they could chew! The grid lines, in some shots, are spaced in a way that makes it look like the cycles are barely moving (as has been mentioned before), the lighting doesn't look the same, everything is too crisp and clean (the process, in the original, where they photographed the screen as they were outputting softened and darkened everything, as well as adding film grain), and the angles are off in almost every shot! If they would have just admitted, at the end, that it was harder and slower to replicate what the artists did back in the 80's than they thought it was going to be, even with all their great tools, giving them some props and being humble, and/or taking the extra time to actually get it right, everybody would have looked good. But either they're pretending it looks just like the original to save face, or they really can't tell the difference - either way, they lose credibility. Too bad.

  • 'We did a cheezy hollywood remake of a CGI scene from TRON in one day with better tech and still couldn't be better than the original.'

  • isprofile.info/pac/pG9qnoOCp6ezmHs/v-deo.html please remake this classic video on Unreal engine, more rendered 💪🏼 Crazy frog

  • Amazing, I don’t think I would’ve been able to do that (I studied animation), spot on recreation you did, but there’s some small mistakes here and there but I think they’re nip picking like: In the beginning when the light cycles are moving, the light cycles seem to be moving slowly compared to what they should On the shot after the light cycles went head on, there’s something that doesn’t look smooth enough maybe camera angle Other than that, amazing job, I know for a fact how hard animation is which is why I changed career

  • I still can’t believe they didn’t get a reward when this movie originally came out it was way ahead of its time

    • Everyone who has ever watched Tron has been rewarded. 👍

  • I know u were joking but can i get that speaker design lol

  • good job.....also that modern version looks SIIIIIIIIIICK

  • Ok I know I'm late to this discussion but IS no one thinking we NEED to do a 1982 reboot with Now Disney for straight to DVD with updated software like the guys hear have done?? THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN IN MY LIFETIME!!

  • 60 fps required

  • but don’t be disrespectin

  • thank you

  • Honestly, I loved Tron and Tron Legacy...but the reworked version of the original that the boys pulled off? Man I would love for THAT to be the aesthetic moving forward for Tron. I mean...damn.

  • humm. it's pronounced gif

  • Are you guys based in downtown LA? Lived worked Hollywood, act/write/visuals/ theory projects for cal tech and ddb. I volunteered as a ti and gangstalking is quantum theory horror but I'm prob going to be the biggest visual savior into scaring teens into church even tho I'm about the going inner not upper. Yes! Tron is favorite and whatvcities have made this a reality

  • Love music pause when construction bleeds through

  • That was awesome!

  • Wow impressive! I've always thought it would be cool to recreate the 80's style rendering in blender. :D

  • Redo the CGI in the Last StarFighter!!!!!!!!!

  • One of the biggest click baits this year tbh. You spent all day changing a few positions and camera angles and now act like you just made something incredible

  • What plugin did peter mean?

  • the time when I saw the US flag something isn't right and I can feel it

  • nice

  • I thought they meant the next TRON movie, would of been more interesting.

  • Big question. Did you have some reaction from original artist and whats your feels about daft punk ending their career?

  • i love putting souls in containers

  • I would like to know why you used cycles for this render, wouldn’t have eevee simplified it from the beginning?

  • This looks great, but II still prefer the original version of TRON. Sure the old effects are dated now, but the visual style and aesthetic of the film is what makes it so special.

  • 5 stars recreation and 5 stars with the updated version. Wow!

  • Dang you didn't know how to use Blender yet?

  • blender gang gang

  • Lovely!!

  • It a mathematical term? With both direction and magnitude?

  • Have you done anything with the last starfighter