We Made AVATAR 2 Before James Cameron

Birt 16 des 2020
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Determined to continue his journey into the experimental world of DIY Virtual Production - Sam sets out to make his own version of James Cameron's highly anticipated "AVATAR 2," If Sam succeeds - he'll finally be ready to create his first virtual mini-series: "Local Zero" on corridordigital.com.
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  • 23:30 okay im done

  • Incredible

  • Therapist: "Avatar 2 does not exist Avatar 2:

  • the camera work and cg is great the character sucks ass though

  • This was really stupid.

  • They look like stop motion animation and their behavior reminds me of the disgusting freaks from the terrible Wrong Turn sequels. This sux.

  • I gotta stop reading the comments after watching this - it extended my laughing fit to the point where I'm on the verge of passing out.

  • When i read the title i thought it was going to be *The last airbender...* *Yeah...*

  • You guys should try to write another script using GPT3 instead of GPT2, it would be insane

  • i hate and love this

  • Are you sure this wasn’t made by Mnight shamalamamanana

  • Loving this guys! Been doing a lot of realtime production and works and it's a lot of fun... and will definitely be a common technique in the industry (eventually)! ^^ Props to you all and hope to cross your paths someday.

  • Avatar 2 before alpha stage

  • There movement is so jankyyyy lol

  • Im ready for the Gorski cut of Avetar 2

  • -Avatar- Avetar 2: Jack Person Rips Out Their Heart, Shoves A Unknown Strange Gem In Instead. And Then Dies In A Fiery Blue Beam Of Death And Such? So Strange...

  • Hey it's better than Food Fight

  • Where did you guys get those woodland woobie jackets?

  • Technically it's not a scuffed version because it's the first version so if James cameron made avatar 2 then that one would be scuffed

  • Okay but I would pay to get my hands on a copy of this script, absolutely hilarious ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Lol

  • It will be the greatest scene ever shoot if you will time travel with it in past for 100 yrs but in pregent 🙂🙄😶😑😐🤔😂😂


  • This could be used as a pre viz tool

  • Good movie

  • This could be in Adult Swim

  • ligit best sponsored segment of all time...

  • i feel like i was watching bill and ted , the avater addition

  • this is a horrific clusterF@ck i love it 🖤

  • I love how Ka'ali clearly was reading the script in place of the gun in her hand at her end speech there, I couldn't stop laughing! This was amazing and hysterical at the same time!

  • At this rate they will be able to make a minecraft movie

  • What A.I. was used to generate the script?

  • Avetar 2: my dreams be like

  • I fucking love the title LMAO

  • You guys did an amazing job but you missed two of the things they are known for their braid AKA halu that lets them ride/control the animal. And second is... All na'vi's have tails.

  • Can you guys do a review of Walking with Dinosaurs and the special effects they did?

  • I like how at the beginning he turned goat mode and ate a cord

  • Looks like a videogame from playstation 2... Bad rendering, no fluid motion, characters with a strange look, highlights on outside totally burst... Etc etc... I'm amazed how this will traumatize me every time I think of avatar movie

  • James Cameron is waiting for Dances with Wolves 2 to come out before he can write a script for Avatar 2

  • The Jake Avatar dude sounds like the bug from Men In Black

  • Record it multiple times with the same motions and select the best takes that captured properly. Lock the frame rate!!!

  • hi i am doing a research for school about the perception of virtual actors, can I have some infos about the software used on the phone that was mapping the face during the acting? what are the essential thing of creating a virtual face? what are the requirements? thank you so much if you can help !

  • No one: Wren: *"Consume usb, become Wrender Machine."*

  • Idk why Jake is in there like he does nothing he is useless yet he probably gets half the money so stupid

  • You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies

  • I love the content of these videos, but they are incredibly exhausting to watch. Why don't you relax for a second?

  • Clint doing a crab Impression is the funniest shit ive seen in years HAHAHAHA

  • Mumbo sent me here and this is the funniest shit I’ve seen all week

  • Windows update got me 😂😂😂

  • Natiri sounds like Mr. Flare

  • You guys should make Kung Pow 2: Tongue Fury were you would reenact the scenes that were teased in the end of Kung Pow: Enter The Fist.

  • Peter!!!! Toaster!!! Loving this team!! hahaha

  • Made by an EA? It didn't even like Tomatoes! So I leave without my mask and I build a home.

  • Wow this is even better than endgame

  • Hey hey

  • @Mumbo Jumbo watched this video

  • this is too cursed

  • Jake: I think that Sam is really going to like it Sam: Hey are you free I need a script, Jake's is totally [BEEB]

  • “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Is this Zelda? Did I blackout? Also, love the text. “Not for redistribution” killed me.

  • 😂😂😂 I'm can't stop laughing. Oh my god. 😂😂😂

  • I watched Avatar porn and graphics was better than this

  • Trust me. I will NEVER redistribute that.... thing...

  • this is way better than anything I could ever do, but wow at the same time this is the worst shit I’ve ever seen. reminds me of a 2007 wii game

  • It's like surreal entertainment, but high budget

  • corridor is the only channel that i wont skip the sponsored segments, thanks jake!

  • Woah, what a compelling story!

  • Whoknew AI could write comedy? :D

  • That's probably how trippin on LSD with a dash of bath salts goes. lol

  • Goodbye any sleep I might get

  • I see the potential in this. I think you guys shot yourself in the door by doing avatar 2 and the ai stuff even though it’s very funny. The faces are probably the biggest issue I have. Otherwise I can see this being really cool. It has stop motion/puppet vibes somethings

  • Cursed video

  • They have all bone broken in theirs body, but it’s a great comedy

  • The voices! Lmao

  • fun fact some people got actual depression from wishing they live in the avatar movie universe me personally I find those blue aliens disturbing I've never watched avatar


  • Avatar 2: What Where she going?

  • This is so beautifully cursed.

  • Slow clap for Jake's segway for Squarespace. I love it!!!

  • Sam's 30 second intro gave me multiple heart attacks.

  • I love it ! Can wait to see what you guys get to do with this workflow + Unreal Engine 5 + Meta Human in a year or two !

  • meanwhile, hololive doing live 3D shows on the reg

  • It’s literally coming this year 😂🤣

  • they move like gollum! cracks me up

  • I like how they did the sponsored segment

  • Here from mumbo jumbo? 11:00

  • Me: when is avatar 2 coming out? Mum: oh we already have avatar 2 honey *the avatar 2 at home*

  • I feel like just using the vive by itself to really be in the virtual performance would be even better

  • A fitting sequel to the world's most nonsensical movie.

  • i came her from mumbo bruhh

  • Can I just say this is cool but wtf is that voicework x_x

  • Someone in 2035: hey I just got an ad for Avatar 2

  • remember when people used to take Avatar seriously?

  • the AI wrote that scene like a free game on Steam. in short, badly

  • the best sponsored segment what i ever seen

  • Looks like Muppet Show had sex with some stopmotion plastic doll short film... But funny at least :)

  • Pure grade A nightmare fuel

  • Who's here from Mumbo's video?

  • I lost it at the PC error...

  • They should hit up the creators of avatar and create a sequel I would watch that

  • Who told James it was a good idea to film 6 movies at the same time? You know you get burnt out on shit right?