We Learn to STUNTFALL from a Hollywood Pro

Birt 13 des 2020
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The crew is joined by Hollywood Stuntman Gui Dasilva, to learn the basics of stunt falling without getting hurt.
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  • seeing him reminds me of Black Panther RIP :( Chadwick Boseman

  • Proper martial arts falls. NICE. Everyone should learn these.

  • The side fall looks exactly like keeper school. Just move that top arm over to make the save with both hands. Yet more overlap in athleticism

  • Lmao love how Wren's title card says "needs calcium"

  • herb dean son?

  • The more I see of Gui, the more I love the guy.

  • Gui is wearing a black panther shirt that's so baller. Civil wars introductions and gui's stunts are what made me love black panther and now I'm seeing him on a channel I like this is great 😁

  • I love how in half the shots wren is just doing weird things in the background

  • I don’t think I really need that because I thought my side and stomach and back all the time so I’m kind of used to it


  • Gui is a g. Favorite Corridor guest by far! (Beeple gets second, though.)

  • Tried the front fall on bed, felt sooooo good

  • Too soon dude

  • Gui is one of my favorite people when he shows up on this channel. Like a positive breath of fresh air.

  • 0:18 jackie chans project a

  • 2:17 sexual harrasment

  • You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies

  • Man, I miss the Sam and Niko channel of a few years ago. I was a subscriber for YEARS, until all this channel became was "_____ react to _______". I really wish you guys would go back to your roots as story tellers.

  • 0:00

  • You guys inspire me to get into science and VFX and game creation It would be dope if one day when I m out of school I somehow got a opportunity to work with yall since the first video of your guyses my mind was blown I had no idea my dream line of work outside of athletics actually existed keep doing what you guys do!

  • "We don't fall to the ground, we _attack_ the ground."

  • Niko looks like Michael Jackson with those back falls 4:52

  • More Gui

  • I fell over on my back from a high place and I didt heart my self and that was before I watched this video

  • E

  • Is it just me or in the thumbnail it looks like will smith I’m not trying to be racist

  • I thought he was a black panther versus what we like how do you get the Black Panther vs dead

  • The annoying brochure coincidingly film because accelerator epidemiologically chop round a comfortable pain. sharp, impolite meal

  • yes but ik that still hurts tho lolol

  • Gui rating your stunt a D. You dead.

  • >:|

  • I don’t have a tailbone, I have a tail

  • i don't know why i think he looks like drake

  • Someone sitting on the toilet

  • Now picture of

  • I’m actually on the toilet right no

  • 12:20

  • From this video I can just tell that Niko is an excellent learner. He loves learning and can catch up really quickly. And that's why he's a great teacher and boss.

  • Gui: "Some guys never stop the shot, unless it's one of thos things where it's 'oh god!'" Tom Cruise, who broke his ankle: "Tis is nothing but a crack." *keeps running for the shot*

  • Is he black panthers stunt double

  • Imma call the thing where you have to tuck ur chin the "doing legit anything on your phone" pose

  • “It’s falling with style”

  • Gui really needs to be a full time member at Corridor. He seems to fit in well

  • more vids with Gui plz hes awesome xD such a great character and is so good

  • Such a cool video to watch after years of wanting to get in to stunt work

  • Rip Chadwick Boseman

  • I want to be a stunt man when I am older.

  • You know whose surprisingly good at stunts RackaRacka

  • How awesome must you feel being a stunt double for black panther

  • Having slipped and fallen on ice recently (with my backside now hurting for weeks), I'm am definitely gonna learn this shit

  • Am I the only one who heard dislocating joint sounds when Clint did the split?


  • I literally broke my wrist 24 hours after watching this. Thanks for that

  • Gui looks a lot like a brazilian Chandler from MrBeast

  • Gui is so great, you know you're in for a ton of information when he visits. More :)

  • Gui is such a good teacher! Would really love to see more stuff like this. Corridor trying wire basics? 😉

  • Do not try on cushion Sidefall

  • This COURSE is taught to wrestlers before they enter WWE. (by professor TRIPLE H)

  • 3:13 Newton's 3rd Law left the chat.

  • We were practicing for a play today and I was showing one of my fellow actors how to do the perfect dive fall onto the mat. I nailed it but he didn’t. He supposed to attempt to fly but land on his face.

  • 0:22 *WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-* oof

  • Man even before the camera tilt to Gui's reaction i was like, "those apple boxes do NOT look stable."

  • I love Gui, sooooo coooool

  • "I like to fall"

  • Heyyyyy I need calcium too!

  • Just like the bumps in professional wrestling.

  • Please watch the exigency

  • This was uploaded on my birthday

  • These guys just all seem like soooo much fun to hang out with!!

  • I'm 12. I was wriggling in my seat just to try this.

  • React to velocipastor. All stunts are real in this movie.

  • *8:00** Why u all dabbing in the ground.*

  • *R u niko from GTA4.*

  • Soccer players will love this video

  • Oh shit, in my Jiu Jitsu class we do some of the falling techniques. Not like how they do it here, just for like making sure we don't hurt ourselves when we spar with eachother or if we're out on the streets and get like knocked over or something The big C has closed down the gym I go to for now so that sucks ;v;

  • Yo Gui has the same shoes as me

  • Gui's face was so familiar, then it hit me. He plays the main character in the My Hero Academia live action shortfilm UA:LA

  • 😍🤩😍😍

  • Rip black panther

  • The side fall! When i was younger i fucked up a parkour stunt and fell 8 feet onto concrete, doing this fall that i learned from ISprofile. My skull and ribs were fine, i got a shallow scrape on my elbow and knee, and my butt ended up absorbing all the impact and i came out mostly unscathed. This stuff works so well, i respect Gui for teaching it so professionally and concisely. He's a rad dude

  • "it's so hard to remember to do those 3 things at a time" Musicians who do 18 things at a time: _______ _______ |__(_'_)__| |__(_'_)__| | | |___| *u dare oppose me mortal?* |-----_______________-----|

  • "practice it over and over" and if your good u wont die

  • The stunt pro is the main character in UA:LA which is a great video I just noticed that lol

  • f

  • Best ad read. Use Clint more often

  • You guys and Gui should make a pro-wrestling + gore stunt & VFX video.

  • Lovely video. So insightful and interesting. Gui is not only great at what he does, he's also great at explaining his craft! Would love to see more.

  • You know it’s a good video when you’re 15 minutes in and you’re so engaged you haven’t even checked the bar.

  • Hearing that wren broke 13 bones made me go get a glass of milk

  • These falls remind me of martial arts training. Such a good video! You guys killed it!

  • Gui!!

  • I did martial art demos for years and one time I was doing a group form where we had a rippling side fall. I was the tallest at the time so I was in the back of the ripple. We didn't space ourselves properly so while all my teammates fell onto the carpet provided, I fell and smacked my hip on nice hard marble. Hurt so much but if I hadn't fallen properly it would have been so much worse

  • Everyone needs to do some form of martial arts. The fall basics and environmental awareness it brings is essential in life.

  • 9:19 smoothest transition to the sponsored segment in the history of youtube

  • Parkour: Friendship ended with gravity - Momentum/Inertia is my new best friend. Stunts: Friendship ended with being uninjured - Gravity is now my frenemy. I could swap those descriptions and they'd still be accurate. I bet there's a lot of crossover in interests there.

  • We need more Gui content please. Or any past stunt actor/actress back. This is seriously so good.

    • Yeah same, I love these

  • Wren aka " Mr. GLASS"

  • That guy at the toilet is me😂

  • Now I realized that how judo's"Ukemi" works for

  • 9:18 SMOOOOOTH