VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 34

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Wren, Niko, and Clint are back on the couch to break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood!
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  • The very first was predator going stealth, his laser coming and Carl Weathers gets blasted. I always sketched comics and gun shots with exit wounds henceforth.

  • Robin Williams, making VFX people cry since 1997

  • Produces by Burton but the director was his preotege.

  • Jumanji traumatized me as a kid

  • Starship troopers has a very interesting scene where they are defending the base against the insect invasion, then the flying insects come and decapitate one of the troopers, and then another. I wonder how to shot that as it looked seemless from an actual human to maybe a doll??? Please review that!

  • 6:09 - Jurassic Park... In theaters... I was 4... I had nightmares and didn't remember it until I was older because it scared the shit outta me!

  • A big thank you for the Motivation!

  • How about reacting to the scene in Death Becomes You with Meryl Streep's head on backwards, and a bowling ball sized hole through Goldie Hawns stomach

  • Very first VFX shot that blew my mind? The librarian ghost in Ghostbusters.

  • "They had some tools to help them do that" Tim Burton isn't a tool. At least, I hope not. He's a blessing to gothic artistry.

  • 6:09 id have to say the dinosaurs In Jurassic world

  • The movie i saw that blow my mind was Jurasic park 3

  • Okay, I'm gonna get darts thrown at me, but I think Casper looks WAY better than Toy Story which came out the same year. And this was by a studio who never made human characters before this.


  • Robin Williams is so good like we're taking for granted how good he is with flubber but this is one of the first person and CGI film interactions and robin plays it perfectly like he is one of the first and he does it better than people now

  • Can you react to mission impossible?

  • 17:17 their shoes are vegan?

  • indiana jones and the raiders of the ark , face melting blew our mind

  • Nikko has the Mysterio hat

  • I got a mountain dew ad where they vfx'd Bob Ross back to life. Please guys, use your powers for good

  • Vfx blowing my mind WHEN I SEE FIRST: Spy Kids 3

  • Please do 'Monsters Inc'!

  • Even as an 8 yr old kid I could tell the "can I keep you?" line from Casper was super creepy.

  • THEY CUSSED ON CASPER?!?! He said "hey, what the hell are you doing?"


  • Only a True VFX artist eats CG food

  • The first Special Effect that really impressed me was Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commanments" in 1956. My father took me to see it at the Kuhio Theater--Waikiki and the Opening of the Red Sea sequence just blew my mind! (I've never gotten over it.) I've read some stuff of how John P. Fulton might have done it --but I've never come across anyone who knows exactly how he did it. (Best Special Effects, 1956!) I don't know if you guys ever commented on that--but that would be so cool if you did (or will do).

  • I love Wren so much, he is one of the only reasons I watch this channel, I rarely watch videos without him in them.

  • PLEASE REACT TO ANIMUSIC! (Also, maybe try and revive it as well 😜) #React #VFX #Animation #CGI

  • How has Clint Seen a nightmare before Christmas but not Wren?

  • The brachiosaurs in Jurassic Park. I swept away but then I looked at my family to see their reaction and then on to everyone in the theater. Their reaction pulled me out of the film for a second and that was the moment that lit my fuse to be a filmmaker. So powerful!

  • Mysterious lifeform from Pikmin 3

  • Review coraline

  • I had to watch Flubber in my science class in 7th grade and I hated it so much

  • "It's Flubber !!" "It's Gay.."

  • I know everything tomorrow is my birthday😀

  • Pete's Dragon the 1977 film

  • These guys all seem so sweet and nice

  • Watch some random conspiracy theorist say you guys were kidnapped😂

  • 16:44 ok , I can explain this part 😆😆😆 the car's glass was broken and they put a layer of not broken glass on it . When that f**king bird hits it , they just deleted that layer .

  • We all missed Robin Williams :’(

  • The first shot that blew my mind was the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where he threw the sand and revealed the invisible bridge.

  • Good film making, clap

  • Please watch the exigency its great

  • flubber

  • *CG FOOD* 🥺

  • “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” absolutely confused the hell out of me when I first saw it

  • I was in the doctor's waiting room, I decreased the sound to zero but I didn't realise it was only the notifications sound. I Played the video just to see what's in there for later and first thing next, the room full of people is woken up by Wren yelling "HE'S FILTERING THE ORANGE JUICE PULP WITH HIS GHOST HAND!!!". A moment I will never forget.

  • When he said ‘I’ve honestly never seen this’ i was so triggered.

  • I was blown away by the CGI in Titanic back in the day. Until I discovered it wasn't CGI and James Cameron actually built a full scale Titanic set and sunk it.

  • React to velocipastor. I miss Robin Williams

  • How have Clint and Wren never seen Nightmare Before and Niko seems to have only seen it once.

  • The best VFX that I've seen was " The Black Hole " in Interstellar.

  • I loved both Flubber and Casper when they came out, but as a kid never actually realised how advanced they were till now

  • Birdemic: The Cooler Birdemic: The Birds

  • King Kong is the first best CGI I ever seen.

  • I would personally like to see y'all react to creepshow's adaptation of Stephen King's crate monster, or anything from the creepshow movies honestly.

  • Robin Williams: exists VFX artists: *stroke*

  • Death Becomes Her. I was 11.

  • Anyone else hate Wren so god damn much?

  • That was a great episode!

  • Press F to pay respects to Robin Williams the rightful king

  • Hey flubber isn't a Halloween movie lol

  • The first cgi shot that blew my mind was the creation of sandman in spider-man 3. Even though I was young I understood that it was made on a computer and that it was amazing.

  • oh my god robin williams just molested flubber


  • There was a movie from the early 2000s called "Immortal (Ad Vitam)" I guess it's a decent movie, but I couldn't get past the terrible CGI. Can you guys please react to this film? I don't know if they were trying to be stylistic, or if they actually thought that their characters past as "realistic." I saw some of this movie when I was heading to Iraq (on ship). Ever since I started watching Corridor Crew I thought this would be a great movie to react to but I forgot the name of it. Luckily I have finally found what it's called. So again, please react to "Immortals (Ad Vitam).

  • Tim Burton didn't actually direct nightmare before Christmas; look it up

  • Future stop motion could be done by 3D printing deep fake replacement faces and so forth of famous people.

  • Please check out Pinocchio in Once upon time theres a scene in season 2 episode 18 its some janky cgi character whos looks human but its just old stuff.

  • I can’t believe he’s never seen a nightmare before christmas!

  • Dude yells too much :(

  • Please drop the man bun.. otherwise, carry on.

  • When a light saber turned on in star wars episode 1

  • Can you do bloodshot with vin deisel?

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • Jesus, the Casper scene where he swaps faces in front of the mirror scared the hell outta me as a kid.

  • Casper still looks good in 2021 tbh


  • Can you guys fix the Birdemic movie or maybe some shots to make it look better?

  • Please make a reaction video of vfx on movie SAHO. IT'S from india. Alao say if the vfx is good or bad of it's budjet

  • The CGI that first really blew my mind was Love, Death, Robots on Netflix. Just to see how they those stories blew my mind big time. I've rewatched it a few times and it still amazes me.

  • You can be cool in the winter or warm in the summer. Alright I'll just go outside

  • You should make an R-rated Flubber - the climax where the flubber goes into the professors mouth and bounces out of him.

  • Yep I made a movie. At some point you just have to go do that seemingly impossible thing. Even if it sucks. BTW mine doesn't suck, much, and it has stunts and vfx :)

  • please react to this awesome movie en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freejack

  • Can you guys react to the beginning web slinging scene from the amazing Spider-Man 2? Unless you guys have already looked at it.

  • VFX that blow my mind are Corridor VFX

  • Recreate the flubber scene?

  • I don't know if it counts, but 6 year old me was blown away by the opening scene with the Lamborghini in Speed Zone.

  • 9:12 I’m just gonna put that there

  • first VFX that blew my mind was in Alrnold's Predator

  • I love when my shoes are made out of vegans! Thank you for telling me about these shoes! :D

  • react to Ratatoing

  • I dont need some shoes my present is a pair of shoes so no thanks

  • First stop motion doll movie I got hooked on is "The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix" a Norwegian movie from 1975 created by Ivo Caprino. The second movie was Star Wars episode 4, and there where two scenes. One is the hologram of Princess Leia, and the second one was when the Millennium Falcon took off, I know that's not the most advanced shot in the movie, but it was what stuck in a young head.

  • Was blown away by the wide shots of the battle of helm's deep and pelenor fields in the lord of the rings. Specifically that the animators, were able to program thousands of tiny soldiers and monsters to fight, and move, and react individually

  • You guys have to see Coma - 2019 (russian SF movie)!!! Pretty cool movie.

  • you guys should reach to killer bean by left lew ( worked on the matrix, transformers, x-men

  • I love the fact that Robin Williams was a fan of anime, including Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, and GITS.

    • @Exploding Tomahawks yep that’s why there was an EVA figure in One Hour Photo

    • Wait hold up. Are you serious??