We Made Willy Wonka R-Rated

Birt 24 apr 2020
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This Episode ►
Niko, Clint and Nick are joined by VFX Gurus Ian and Peter to attempt an R-rated remake of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory." Will this be their most ambitious VFX makeover yet?
Directed & Edited by Nick Laurant
VFX by Niko Pueringer, Sam Gorski, Ian Hubert, Clinton Jones, Peter France
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  • i watched this at night and i was scared wonka would jump me

  • me:laughs at every death :sister O-O mom: O-O dad: O-O brother:laughs at everything to :D everyone: YOU ARE ALL DEMONS

  • I always thought Willy Wonka was kind of a disturbing movie. Nice to see the directors cut now :)

  • The flute had me Dying too much

  • Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

  • Do The Same R-Rated Movie Just The (New) Version


  • Augustus’ death was... terrifying...

  • I hate that guys is he kill me like that I well get him

  • The fact they hypothetically kept walking through the chocolate factory like everything was ok despite the fact these kids just got murdered

  • Son los peores y me di miedo saben cuantos años tengo 9 estoy grande pero da miedo

  • Que miedo si un niño ve esto va a darle pesadillas son los peores

  • You are all psychopaths and it disturbs me and is hilarious.

  • fuck I love Hubert

  • Aaaaaaa wawawaaaaaaa agustu expoud

  • Kid: (Dies brutally) Willy Wonka: Hey guys wanna see my flute solo?

  • 15:27 fetuses seeing the vacuum be like:

  • help.

  • 16:34 me in ragdoll engine

  • yall are psycos if you laugh at that

  • I added the additional ending: *Their parents reported it to police*

  • Can I buy this movie

  • You guys are absolutely crazy

  • 16:50 why do I hear Wandavision 😂

  • Damn-

  • Im think is not funny anymore is creepy

  • Me: *sees the thumbnail* Also me:😨😨😨😨

  • BITCH YOUR LAUGHING WHEN KIDS ARE LIKE uh what's this this looks kinda cool next thing they know NITCH IM NEVER GONNA BE ASLEEP FROM THAT GORE AND....

  • 1:52-1:56 killing little Karen

    • I’m gonna get backlash for this, aren’t I?

  • The kid who fell into the chocolate traumatized me as a kid and I never watched the movie again

  • You know what I dont get, it's that this video I can watch no problem but on the Mandalorian Season 2 Stunt React episode it tells me to enter credit card info to confirm I'm 18




    • Ok then why tf u watch the video dumbass



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  • :(

  • How much RAM do you guys have

  • I’m way behind just seeing this, but dang... Best work yet... just so good.

  • wait there was a dad right? what happened to the dad? is the dad a enderman

  • This is freaking insane ...I don’t even understand how you can erase something like the pipe and the stuff behind it actually be there?!

  • wow you guys some how made this good

  • Me when I stub my toe 10:23

  • 8:07 Balaban pop boom

  • Like... Please stop laughing massa or at least freaking mute urself

  • 🤮🤮🤢🤢


  • Willy wonka and the chocolate factory : **exists** Corridor crew : yes.

  • Children: killed brutally Wonky Willy: F L U T E Oompa Loompas: I F Y O U W E R E W I S E Y O U D L I S T E N TO M E


  • I've never made the connection between Wonka and Jigsaw until now.

  • 🧱 ⛓ 🧱 🧱 ➖➖ 🧱 🧱 💃 🧱 🧱 ➖➖ 🧱 🧱 🧱 🧱 🧱 🧱 🛢🛢 🧱

  • the funnier part is youtube marked this as the actual movie

  • Aaaaa nope

  • wow amazing vid wow keep up the good work hahaha 😂

  • Me encantó!!! Superó a la original

  • agustus gloop made me throw up in my mouth and traumatized me 0_0

  • omg

  • From the tytle picture it looks like he got smushed to his death

  • bruh they copy willy Wonka

  • Hey daddy I want a golden goose Hey daddy I want a giant squirrel

  • I'm a child-

  • Video starts at 13:13 you’re welcome.

  • Im 5

  • Much blood

  • 0:50 Wonka Vision?? The biggest and most subtle inspiration in the history of humankind!

  • they need to make this an actual movie

  • oh god they turned Mike TV into TV dinner!


  • Wow something worst than gods will!

  • the cgi is like super terrible but like OH MY GOD that was terrifying XDD

  • you should have said "kicking the Buckets" instead of killing the Buckets.

  • This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  • 9:47 This is how SCP 096 was made..

  • This Willy wonka movie should be the next reboot!!!!!

  • At 18:39 look at the bottom left corner guy looks like he is covering the other guy's face

  • Sam and nico: ahhh i loved Willy Wonka and The chocolate factory when i was a kid... *LETS MAKE IT R RATED*

  • I think in the new version all the children survived

  • 😯😮😮😮😮😮😮😨😨😨

  • Classic

  • Great a rated r created movie about a murderous chocolate maker how fun

  • Funniest thing I’ve watched in weeks! 😆😂🤣

  • (Just hurt ALOT)

  • I would love to see this be an actual Willy Wonka Horror movie

  • Well Shit my favorite childhood movie Got ruined I recommend if you don’t Watch it if you don’t want your childhood to be ruined they are some phobia in that fucking video 0.0 one hemophobia a fear of blood two Cacomorphobia a fear of fat people three Thanatophobia a fear of death four aquaphobia a fear of drowning so if you want to watch it ok then but if you have all of the phobia leave the SHIT OUT OF THE FUCKNIG video it’s not for you

  • FNAF Fans: *hippity hoppoty this software is now my property*

  • (Kids screaming in pain) The Guys "HAHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY"

  • Well that was interesting...

  • 10:49-12:21 What is the program

  • How come they didn't show violet?

  • Lol

  • Im wheezing 16:33

  • Insidious

  • Fleshes skin

  • Lemme tell you about express vpn

  • Binary DNA

  • If veruca survived she would have severe trauma to the frontal lobe hippocampus and cerebellum she wouldn’t just have a concussion she’d probably have paralysis from the neck down

  • this is so horrible, but so funny....I love it!!