VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 9

Birt 17 ágú 2019
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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • What's funny is the blue is sort of explained or touched on in the Watchmen movie when Dr. Manhattan goes to the tv studio. The some employee says the blue is too much for TV and Doc tones it down.

  • Just rewatched Spawn this morning then bumped into this.

  • Please. Dont call them skin sleeves.

  • "skin sleeves on your eye..." well then!

  • You have to react to "kung fury"!!!

  • 'Ex Machina' was bloody awful! 'The Machine' was bloody brilliant!

  • Alita has the worst cgi I have ever seen.

  • I watched this while working on my CGI movie

  • on 2001, Malebolgia in the Dreamcast's game "Spawn: In the Demon's Hand" was way better than the movie's one

  • Please do Attack on Titan Live action Part 1 and 2 next. Onegaishimasu

  • Same's dry sense of humour is so underrated.

  • No one can beat Kakashi's eye expressions from Naruto. Showing all those emotions with just one eye. Hats off to the animators

  • God, the eyes are so bad

  • alita reminds me of ready player one

  • You should make a video on how to make a action film

  • Completely agree on the 1st movie

  • 30 DAYS TO RENDER!?!?!?!?

  • Alita is bad cgi it looks totally unrealistic

    • @Ai rb I don't know man the whole move seems wierd to me. The composition in general gives a strange vibe and the story is a bit flat if you ask me


    • They can just made a fucking real face like other robot but it wouldn't be an interesting movie

    • Of course its not she's a robot

  • Also by making something intentionally inhuman looking it helps the CGI avoid the uncanny valley.

  • Can you do a video on the music video for the chemical brothers track "wide open"

  • Glizzy

    • glizzy

  • the amount of ad and other shitty integrations is just out of hand... Break the flow with *AAAND DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE* > some actual content > *AAAAAND THERE IS A BELL SHIT* > some content > *AAAAND YOU CAN COMMENT* > some content > *AAAAND THERE ARE SOEM MERCH* >some content > *AAAAND OUR PATREON* Jesus fukcing crist..

  • Watchmen was quite the movie in general I mean,you know Alan Moore wrote it when the character you're rooting for is a white supremacist with a god complex ,the people you see as despicable are classic goody-two-shoes heroes,and the conclusion you end up accepting is that world peace is being achieved by blaming mass genocide on an indifferent god who was created for American propaganda

  • The Science of Sleep The Science of Sleep The Science of Sleep The Science of Sleep The Science of Sleep The Science of Sleep The Science of Sleep The Science of Sleep The Science of Sleep

    • Insomnia: *No*

  • Please go away...

  • Hey Niko, in Alita: Battle Angel, do the pores on Alita’s face stretch? You're the expert on CG face photorealism!

  • Can you to maze runner?

  • React to shark boy and lava girl

  • Why would Ex Machina's hands wouldn't hold still? ... that's like one thing robots do really well, hold still.

  • Guys review pecific rim

  • You should The poly juice potion scene in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"

  • I love that they used Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack for Dr Manhattan's reverie.

  • bloodshot

  • Nobody: mr clean when you dont clean your house properly with his products: 14:01

  • pLEase react to victor magtanggol

  • Honestly, after about ten or fifteen minutes, you don't even notice the eyes anymore. The movie gets a bad rap on those eyes alone, but even if they were as awful and distracting as the detractors claim, it would still be an awesome movie.

  • My man has LAAT’s in the homemade shot (my Star Wars fan out there)

  • Anyone wanna post timestamps for each film they talk about?

  • Alita is from a martian subspecies of the human race. Mars is further from the sun, therefore larger irises overcome the lower light levels on Mars.

  • Alita has such big eyes for the following reasons: 1) She is a Martian, so she grew up in conditions of relatively low gravity and lack of natural light ; 2) She was already a cyborg at the age of 3, due to some kind of congenital disease; 3) And only now we got to the fact that it is easier for mangaka to express the emotions of characters on their eyes, which either have to be shown close-up often, turning an action into a drama, or drawn disproportionately large.

  • Those eyes aren't the windows to the soul. More like the garage door to the soul

  • All the CGI scenes from a monster calls are surprisingly fantastic! You should check it out

  • what about that blood drop scene in incredible hulk?

  • Why cant I get the image of a skin sleeve out of my head

  • About the Dr. Manhattan, it was explained as he tone down and up his brightness

  • You can’t really expect people still in the industry to criticize their future possible employers

  • The eyes would have to be so big that the brain would be half the size. You know that this thing's eyes would be bigger than oranges - yeah? And the skull needs eye sockets. So fucking stupid! I despise designers. They are the most ignorant people in the world, and usually proud of it.

  • As a huge anime fan, for me her eyes were perfectly fine. But i get it that for non anime fans it looked weird.

  • React to Ford V Ferrari. It's one of the most impressive movies I've ever seen. Also, do Fury at some point.

  • Pause at 12:34 and there is a creepy ass smiling face in the middle of the explosion of Dr Manhattan. Am I crazy? It's RRRRIGHT after the timestamp takes you to

  • The only problem I see with the Watchmen disintegration is that the arms can move after all the muscle has been stripped/removed.

  • Hhh

  • Niko's resting face is basically a smiling face

  • You guys should do love Death robots

  • If you notice at 4:55 there’s a space station gaming chair in the background

  • Alita was a good movie, well animated. The CGI was top notch.

  • DO Ready Player One!!!!

  • Mark Dippé does FX on major blockbusters for a decade, gets a chance to direct Spawn, and then... well, he's kept busy with FX and directing ever since, but nothing special.

  • Do Titanic 2 (Remastered)

  • Beatus

  • react to jurassic world: Fallen kingdom

  • react to jurassic world: Fallen kingdom

  • Apparently, Alita's eye proportions is caused by her martian nature (according to the anime). It's a pretty neat detail having an in lore explanation for it, instead of opting for the easiest path of just expecting the audience to accept it.

    • You need to rewatch the anime

  • 2:40 Nose: come on in!

  • uhhh these are very old we know MAchina and elita all the tricks come on be fast the answer youtube have already before you

  • I just watched this video when oddly enough, the youtube algorithm is becoming crazy.

  • Spawn was actually the first rated R movie I saw in theaters with no parents. My buddy was a huge Spawn fan, so I went and saw it with him. And yeah, we both thought that the special effects were terrible looking.

  • I love this analysis, I hate the phrase skin sleeves 🥰

  • I actually I actually I actually I actually

  • Dude. Alita looks amazing. I dunno. She looks great

  • I have alita comics and film and is super by the way is manga

  • what anime is at 1:24 ?

  • 3:30 Wren:"Because it Israel"

  • Spawn was fighting the Violator at that point. Not Satan.

  • The thing about ex machina is it was made by A24 who if I remember make high-quality movies for small budgets kinda like blumhouse

  • Their Eye BUDGET??!!?1?1?!?!??

  • Next ‘Ready player one’ plz

  • 1:15 One possible reference is that in heaven the women will have big eyes .

  • Battle Angel Alita was a great film destroyed by bad marketing and memes. Give it a watch and you'll be surprised.

  • 3:22 You guys do this stuff for a living and your friend cant tell fake from real. Little bit obvious the face was real. I couldnt imagine anyone being in doubt until now

  • Yo if this will be 2020 the couch will be 20 meters and made of hand gel and mascs

  • The point in giving Alita huge eyes is to trigger your cute response and make viewers attached to her. Basically she’s FUCKING CUTE

  • You guys U entertain this game,love u

  • I think having the cyborg/android thing Alita not look quite human, while still having realistic expressions could be justified. Perhaps stepping a toe in the uncanny valley may hilight inhuman characters. Looks like they landed in the VFX designers' section of hell.

  • BTW, if you want some really goofy VFX shots from Kollywood, I suggest you check out movies from this dude named Vijayakanth. Every movie of his has some level of Matrix-like action shots.

  • You should compare Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen 2009 vs Watchmen 2019. I felt that was the one thing that didn't work in the TV series, didn't have that out worldly effect that Dr. Manhattan should have as the only "true" super powered human.

  • Hi crew, love your work !! :) Challenge for the episode: How can you make CGI Titan from 'Attack on titan' If u can make an episode of U creating this titan transformation from a real person to CGI character [and make it believable and epic :) ] Please do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it, Thanks Do it Do it now!

  • A Alita cosplayer in Taiwan. 竹竹 isprofile.info/pac/gmeUh5VkmaObm38/v-deo.html

  • Sharkboy and lava girl!!

  • They should definitely try to fix the spawn ones

  • Gollum’s sister

  • Ex machina is crazy, a cenematic masterpiece.

  • Never watch this while on acid

  • I really enjoyed Alita, and have never even heard of it before I saw the movie. She never felt out of place to me as a casual viewer.

  • Hi

  • Hahaaa that BTS pronunciation 😂

  • aaaand Nep is the best of the best refrence there

  • I want you guys to see Nepali 'Captain' movie.. Best CGI ever😆😆

  • Personally, not to hard to believe, but I prefer the Battle Angel: Alita manga over the movie but I still very much enjoyed it.

  • Please react "The Flash " tv serial