If Your Eye was a Camera What Would the Specs be?

Birt 17 nóv 2020
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Niko and Peter are ready to reveal the ultimate camera - with specifications that EXCEED the human eye! .. the only problem is that they don't know what those specifications are.
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  • orange please,

  • If I have a eye camera it’ll be 69420x69420

  • monke brown color pls

  • monke

  • id like conke


  • My eyes’ resolution is 144p

  • 3:59 Why

  • me and my 240hz monitor: "only 120 ?, coooommee ooooonnnnn"

  • Now do if the brain is a computer

  • iCamera v.2: Dragonsight! Now featuring clear vision into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums! *Caution, results not guaranteed during sunrise/sunset conditions or, "Zero-hour." ;)

  • My eyes have some problems so my life is in 360p...

  • blue

  • The iCam

  • Those are some insane eyeSO values you got there! ;-)

  • the human eye has terrible specs I mean there random blindspots sometimes they just don't work or have a incorrect color filter vsauce made a video about it I think

  • i'm curious as to how you list the camera as stereoscopic when it just has one lens. For it to be stereoscopic, wouldn't you need two camera at just the right distance from each other?

  • Very cool video. Thanks, fellas.

  • Didn't Vsauce calculate that there are only about 7 million receptor cells in your fovea meaning ~7MP in that area?

  • We dont want my eyes as a camera it would be a solid 180p

  • that camera actually looks cool

  • all of the above.

  • 800 000 ISO and no nosie whatsoever (in eyes) that is impresive

  • Imagine thinking this was an accident because of the big bang. We were designed not evovled

    • I respect your beliefs, and I'm not trying to change them, but I don't think you fully understand evolution. Evolution is basically the idea that mutations happen randomly in our genes, and that the creatures which got good mutations will have a better chance of surviving and then reproducing, passing on the good mutation to a new generation

  • Your country usa know for that lot of people will leave your country

  • Your going to get some beating up and lots of people leaveing your country

  • green

  • Blue : )

  • Also how long can this camera work without shutting down? That’s another parameter I guess. Loved the video btw

  • What about rate of focus adjustment?. I’m sure there is some technical term for it. But I’m no optics expert.

  • Now do an ear microphone

  • I wAnT bLuE

  • If ur eye was an camera it would be more dark at night because go to ur camera on ur phone at nightand take a pic

  • We got the fastest autofocus too 😎 Take that Sony

  • there will be buttons on our head so wehen we sleep on our head we will have a complicated time

  • bright magenta


  • Except if 50% of people got it right on a 1/2 chance rate, the statistical result is that nobody could actually tell the difference.

  • I was gonna ask how they got the model for the pictures of the eye camera they showed, and then I remembered that they are all vfx artists. That's litterally what they do.

  • I want a red Darth Maul color. Special order?

  • 0:04 Is Peter's voice Text To Speech?

  • I would Suggest an 360hz Oled Panel with G sync and HDR 1000

  • Hahaha, Niko and Peter need to do more videos together like this

  • I was ironically researching the "Specs" of the eye to such an extreme length I was even accning for the physical size of the eye, and yeah funny how much something maybe 5-10mm in diameter can see.

  • I think there are something that they miss. That how great human eye to auto focus something from very far to something very close in very fast time

  • 4:40 TruMotion (and basically any TV that claims over 60hz) I just double sampling the same frames so you have a 120 refresh rate but you are not actually getting different frames that you wouldnt have seen already at 60

    • Yeah, their test really bothered me. Especially because they were playing a game that runs at 60fps.

  • that isn't content aware fill it is that the position of the object make the two eyes look from different directions and mix

  • I would like a hazel eye

  • it would have to blink every few seconds

  • I want a pair with built-in "Sean eyes".

  • If our eye is a camera the first spec of it is, ITS NOT ELECTRONIC

  • i would like a white or gray

  • The specs would be... over 9000

  • I would like blue

  • Now you just have to build a monitor that can actually display it

  • Eye camera: Blue

  • We won’t have this technology for another 20 years

  • What is the equivalent full frame lens mm to the human eye?

  • At time 12:00 I can hear flamingos intro ...

  • This is so cool! As a person who is going blind, I dream of a day when I can replace my peepers with some awesome robots eyes. I even get to pick the color!! Haha thanks for vid, guys.

  • I thought it should be called I eye

  • the resolution of human dreams against Hollywood made films

  • red

  • This vid actually answered alot of questions I had about what I could see

  • Hazel

  • you have no idea how long ive wanted to see if this could work

  • Why can I see both my fingertips all the way to touching my eyes while doing the two fingers thing?

  • 3:59 Answer your discord!

  • Imagine replacing your damaged eye from a camera eye

  • Without glasses mine would be permanent motion blur

  • it's not exactly cause they're using their eyes to test the cameras. stupid

  • Only problem is.. you wont be able to tell 😂


  • If my eye was a camera the spec would be the same as a brick

  • God made people's body/Eye 👁️ perfect

  • rose gold

  • "It comes in blue, hazel, green." *Proceeds to show a white one on screen*

  • my Icamera should be a merge of green gray and blue, so nobody is sure what it is!

  • who else feeling proud to have an eye after this video?

  • with smash bros or any other 2d fighting game is very easy to tell now with a 1st person fps it is way harder to tell if its 60 or 120 fps

  • isprofile.info/pac/kZ6hpGp7rYi7r4s/v-deo.html classic :D

  • Hazel

  • Another Proof of God...

  • You fuckers really had to sneak that discord notification sound in there

  • all good until apple makes the ripoff iCamera for blind people and rents it for $799 per year and shuts it off if they dont pay

  • hazel

  • blue

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  • hmmm cat eye camera maybe?

  • My grandma has macular degeneration so she would need one of thies

  • 3:58 Did I hear the discord notification sound?

  • What about the time to focus?

  • Now I KNOW I need glasses.

  • Please watch the exigency

  • Aye-aye cam

  • Yoooooo C Mike

  • ok, you just made th human eye Putin tech form, everything was about the same. you needed to say that it would've had even better settings

  • I would disagree withthe eyeball resolution. I believe our eyes have no "resolution", we see things as they are. Why you thought a camera could have a higher resolution is because of the zoom of the camera. It would be more fair if the human would use a telescope. So what I am trying to say is that human see things for what they are infinite resolution. However, this is not reasonable because there is limit to how much data our brain can consume. Otherwise, I love your videos and the rest of this video.

  • You got the stereo scopic but it also needs to be able to focus- our eye uses two things to tell depth

  • Wouldve enjoyed if its a more scientific channel making this Like you can SOOOOO easily notice 60hz and 120hz 120 and 240 is hard