Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 29

Birt 27 feb 2021
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Niko and Clint are joined by stuntwoman Lauren Mary Kim. They discuss some of the most insane action scenes in Hollywood films.
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  • You guys should check out "Hands of Steel" bar fights/arm wrestling for a stuntmen react. It's a doosie

  • I need Corridor Digital to see the masterpiece of melodysheep LIFE BEYOND II: The Museum of Alien Life

  • Airplane! movie bar-fight and dance number!

  • oh great verify your age bullshit. looks like i gotta dislike this one

  • The firetruck chase scene in Con air has some gnarly stunts. My favorite being when Nic Cage jumps of the truck as it explodes with dollar bills flying in the air behind him.

  • Please do Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 19 - Rui vs Tanjiro

  • The Jackass clip is tame compared to the other stunts you show in this video..... Just feels like you're making up an excuse to promote your website....

  • #lauren I think I saw you in Nicki Minz song your love , am I Right or wrong plz tell me #corridorcrew

  • Can you do the scene in baby driver when his parents crash

  • I love the inclusion of the For Honor gameplay! I have been playing that and watching your vids forever, love the content! Keep it up!

  • Guys, please, could you provide a direct link to the full episode? That would probably attract more people to your website as well

  • The Johnny Knoxville shot isn't even that bad. ISprofile is weird

  • Y'all should check out some pirates of the caribbean

  • it wasnt Dream who did that first??

  • The Dark Knight is on American Netflix though...

  • I would love to hear their opinion and views on 1933 The Invisible Man effects.

  • I love The Clone Wars

  • Sponsored content, adds in every video and stopping in the middle of the video to ask to subscribe, fucking stop already, one of those things maybe but wtf dudes, i enjoy your videos but half of it is advertising, are you for real?

  • I would REALLY love to see them talk about the stunts of Indiana Jones. Vic Armstrong did some absolutely iconic stunt work on that trilogy.

  • Idk if y’all done this one already but the princess bride falling scene with Buttercup’s stunt double being a hairy, chubby dude

  • Please cover the shooting of beverly hills cop 3 when axel is on the spider!

  • For some reason I wasn’t really feeling that Mandalorian fight. I dunno.

  • That lightsaber fight scene felt really stiff, like they were pulling their hits a little too much. Idk, maybe it’s just me

  • Why some people dislike this... Why?🤔

  • I have asked before but without any response so im gonna ask again: can you do a reaction on Password:Swordfish mounthill rolldown (where the detectives are chasing the hacker down the mountain.

  • racka needs on this

  • Stunts & Pro Wrestling, very similar you're gonna take a beating but you want to make it seem like the beating is worse than it is but you wanna actually make the beat any easier than it is a very delicate thing for someone to balance...

  • Tempted to unsubscribe for that jackass crap you pulled. So annoying.

  • great for disney hireing pros for fights. to bad their choeros suck and make no sense and have no stakes ^^.

  • Know if I tried to toe tap it would be more like a ankle snap 😂. Thinking it through they must wear ankle braces or something

  • Why are these vids called stuntmen react if the only stunt person reacting is a women

  • Should review the train fight from 'How the West Was Won'. Made in 62, it features a lot of stunts on top of a moving train, they must have been done practically!!

  • The fire stunt from the 80’s swamp thing!!

  • Im so glad that they actually reacted to Rackaracka!!

  • Suggestion: Death Machines (1976) - "fight" in the beging of the movie, fight in karate school, fight in police station.

  • Really wish you guys could get Jackie Chan on the show to breakdown his best films. Would be such an amazing insight

  • You wanna talk about crowd fights? The Great Race, dir Blake Edwards (1965): The Texas Brawl.

  • You should check out the movie The Sweeper for some crazy stunts

  • Do the Anakin vs ObiWan fight scene. Also the Dude Perfect lightsaber fight scene

  • Breaking Bad Season 3 ep 10 Towards the beginning of the ep after Walt notices there's a fly in the lab. At one point he climbs over a railing and swings at a fly, and later Spiderman 2 style falling and lalanding. The camera then moves towards Walt on the ground. I don't see a scene break, did Bryan Cranston really take this fall? SOS!

  • Do Sherlock Holmes!!!

  • I'd love to hear a stunt performer react to how a contact sports movie is filmed. Having a small amount of filming background, I cannot imagine the amount of impact a body endures through multiple takes by a 2nd AD, especially in a movie like Miracle or Warrior.

  • show the building shootout from Hardcore Henry plz!!

  • 9:23 Oh no... I know this scene...

  • You guys should react to some of the scenes from the Assassin"s Creed movies. I know it was poorly recieved but some of the stunts/action was pretty cool. The wagon chase was pretty good as was the escape scene where they were nearly burnt on a stake

  • Hey guys, can you react to Super Sentai sparkle damage? Like in Zyuranger (original Japanese version of Power Rangers), when the rangers take damage, there are sparks and mini explosions coming off of their suit. However, I could not see the explosives or crackers placed on their suit. I wonder how they did it.

  • Can you breakdown the cobra kai fall? This looks like it hurt and that they didn't plan to fall that way

  • Liu Kang vs Reptile. To the top

  • Got a weird react clip was watching space odyssey and am interested how they do the leopard attack at the beginning. Is it Kubrick wizardry or did he just throw a big cat at a dude in a suite.

  • Please watch and talk about the matrıx revolution neo vs smith full fight

  • If you’re looking for bad but awesome stunts, can we get some Xena Warrior Princess action?!?

  • Check out Escape from Tarkov. Raid. Please

  • There is a scene in the movie Face Off that is a stunt guy hanging from the chains of a chris craft! Please do that!

  • They should do the Ahsoka v Maul fight from Clone wars season 7 it's all mocapped with ray park.

  • The Carano shout-out didn't age well.

  • So this movie needs both stunt AND VFX review its that's....special: The Big Hit, starring Mark Wahlberg.

  • What about reacting to Daredevil Season 2 Episode 3 stairwell fight scene?

  • I think this lady just ended her career by saying something positive about Gina Carano.

  • "No don't do it! We have pads!" Me: *has flashbacks of gymnastics class* Yeah, I wasn't one of those kids. Never wanted to do any of that stuff unless I was in class. Maybe that's why my mom wanted me in them: get the safety part shoved in my head.

  • because it was age restricted it didnt show up in my recomended

  • One thing that is an old stunt but looks painful would be a stunt from the Star Trek episode “Catspaw”. If you watch the stuntman at the start of the episode teaser, he takes what looks like a hard fall off the transporter to the floor and it looks like he has no padding I can see. Just wondered if you could figure out if it was as hardcore as it looks on film.

  • Please react to Jean-Claude van Damme fighting the penguins mascot in sudden death

  • Y'all should react to more CW stuff like the stunts on legends of tomorrow.

  • React to Tarkov Raid Episodes !!! There is a Great fight scene in Factory Bathrooms! Actually the whole thing is filled with stunt goodness!

  • Can y’all please react to Michael Jordan’s MOMs “stunt” in that commercial they were in ? 💀💀💀

  • Please react to war and peace (1967) by Sergej Bondartsjoek. Its like Waterloo but even bigger and crazier

  • One stunt scene I just thought of. Jason Statham jumping out of an SUV during the movie Parker.

  • The Good The Bad The Ugly - Blowing the Bridge scene AND the train snapping the handcuff chain! Amazing Old Timey stunts!!!

  • You guys should check out The Night Comes for Us. Specifically the fight scene on the pool table. Theres a couple of pretty gnarly falls and hits

  • Do the stunt sequence from the tomb raider movie

  • In the movie: The Wolverine, around the 38 minute mark there is this insane stunt where a guy hits a car windshield, breaks it and rolls over the top and off of the car. Something to look into

  • I actually started using it because it made me subscribe, because I loves the content. SO thank you for making a genuine request, always felt shitty asking for people to subscribe but the way you worded it made me think: "You know what...this is how it should be done"

  • I always knew u were the guys that started checking the numbers. Smh

    • Love you guys still, great content

  • Week...... I don't know of asking for the same movie Hardcore Henry please

  • Escape From Tarkov: Raid. BTS just came out

  • I'd love to get a stuntman/woman's opinion on some of the stunts in Christopher Nolan's films. (Sorry if you've looked at any of these already) 1. The Dark Knight truck flip. 2. Inception hallway fight. 3. The Dark Knight Rises opening plane crash.

  • Do the stunt of the Face off with the boat chace.

  • Y’all should do cobra kai

  • Have they done any scenes from Agents of Shield yet?

  • Stunt men react to Point Break 2015 their stunts are just CRAZY

  • I'd be interested in watching you guys take a look at the first fight/chase scene from The Legend of Zorro

  • Just watched this. Y'all HAVE to react to this scene when they have flaming logs rolling over people

  • Have you talked about any of the amazing fight scenes in "Barry" Season 2 Episode 5 ronny/lily?

  • You guys should do jet li’s cage fight scene in cradle 2 the grave

  • Review "Righting wrongs!" Amazing fight coreography!

  • Please react to Cobra Kai

  • Oh boy, I love the stuntperson series!!! They are so cool and those stunts look awesome, and sometimes we take them for granted, but after watching this series I value way more the stunts now :) Thanks for the video guys!!

  • May have been mentioned before, but John Woo's 'Face-Off' has some pretty awesome stunt work, especially in the final speed boat scenes.

  • ah yes, Dan Bilzarian... stolen valor, misogynistic ass wipe of the lowest order

  • Clip suggestion: George of the Jungle bridge scene!!

  • @5:38 was *A LOT.* Especially since the fall was right next to pointed fences. Could you imagine if that fall was just a tiny bit off?

  • I'd love to see a stuntwoman's commentary on Cynthia Rothrock vs Karen Shepard in "Righting Wrongs" a.k.a. "Above the Law".

  • Have you guys done a video on the fight scenes from shanghai noon? Pretty good fights in that movie

  • Recommendation: the last fight from Broken Path/Attack of the Yakuza starring Johnny Yong Bosch and Dan Southworth? tbh just because it's the same actors for Nero and Vergil from Devil May Cry

  • Plz I’ve been committing for so long to do 007 skyfall opening chase scene

  • Suggestion worst fight stunts and effects in movie- hotel hell, final fight, chainsaws plus I actor wearing a pig's head, just because.

  • I don’t remember if you already did this but I think it would be cool to break down some of the stunts in the rocky movies

  • The Alamo (2004) has some cool stunts just in sheer scale in the Alamo fight and the final battle of the film

  • Can you react to the fight scene at the start of the its always sunny Philadelphia ‘the gang saves the day’ episode where Mac fights the Yakuza?