What we do When We’re NOT Making VFX Artists React

Birt 29 nóv 2020
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  • Wren is not a healthy dude. Just look at his skin complexion. He always looks pale and sick.

  • A friend passed out laughing at his own joke while recording a podcast once.

  • 9:26 in indonesia that sit pose, it call "jongkok" and CMIKE U CAN DO IT? wern just fly away🤣

  • Reality capture Fx home I’m just getting into 2D animation for fun, this makes me wish I had more time to experiment....and had a more powerful computer lol.

  • Wtf was that one guy or girl in the beginning 😂😂😂😂

  • I’m subscribed

  • Cmike giving Daniel props like that is the greatest thing ever!

  • You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies

  • This is really interesting and fun to watch, please make more also lol

  • If Da Vinci was still around, he'd be a VFX artist. I recommend Walter Isaacson's biography of him 👍

  • You guys and Jazza should do some crazy miniature based short together with his personalised models and including a dragon maybe cgi 😮 I'm already excited! DO IT DO IT DO IT.

  • I can’t believe that my favorite guys finally back.

  • I will 100% get into son of a dungeon and likely get frustrated with waiting between episodes. Absolutely love how you've built your platform and as soon as SoD comes out I'll Absolutely purchase a year sub

  • Wow, Nat's art is like giving me GRIS vibes, it's so nice. Love the art work❤️❤️

  • Make an app so I can watch it like Disney plus plzzzzz

  • Wait isn't crew cuts just the old vlogs you guys used to do?

  • I know I'm late af. But they just launch their own Master Class.

  • 2:02 - 2:30 at 1.75 is normal speed, so weird lol

  • Is it me or go to 5:25 seconds and Sam looks like he has not sleeped for days.

  • Please watch the exigency

  • This is some like a Corridor Direct (like a Nintendo Direct) and I love it

  • React to velocipastor. In the free time he attends church. And finds cure for wrens low BP shouting. Faith healing wren.

  • When cmike said comp that it was hilarious

  • I ❤ Jordan... she's adorable

  • "Are you weeping? "

  • I wish my uni professors were as enthusiastic and passionate as the Corridor Crew...

  • Anyone else just like “CMIIIIKE!!!!!!!” the whole time?

  • Does anyone know what t shirt wren has on, I've seen him in a different t shirt with the same design before. I've even seen Jake in the same shirt in an old video.

  • "You guys green lit Carmichael coming back" that's it I'm sold. Shut up and take my money!!!

  • Guys would you crack, league of god's movie pleaseeeeeeee

  • best channel amk

  • What is this? Inception of BTS? btsception? BTS within BTS within BTS

  • This was so fun to watch!

  • why do i feel like the words "get your mask up cameras are rollin" is regular statement in this office, at least i hope so.

  • woah that girl sounded like a dude

  • Cmike is wearing a Black Rifle Coffee shirt? Hm. Hm... What's he got to do with the gun cultists I wonder?

  • Me filming Sam, Cmike filming me filming Sam, Daniel filming Cmike filming me filming Sam and Jordan filming Daniel filming Cmike filming me filming Sam Got that? 🤯

  • Cmike is such a nice guy

  • 2:34 well that came out of nowhere lmao

  • Cmike reping Black Rifle Coffee Company

  • The nicest dude is back

  • please do this awesome movie en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freejack

  • Son of a Dungeon looks legit

  • C f***in Mike is back!

  • 2:31 didn’t know that Jim Carey got hired by Corridor

  • Nick is super charming boy

  • After I freaked out about Cmike being back I started crying. I am so insanely excited about this Cmike is my favorite

  • the return of the nicest dude

  • Please do more than vfx artist react I miss the old videos

  • isprofile.info/pac/s3iHk5pkn5LKrp0/v-deo.html among us animation

  • 6:30 how do you not have blackout curtains for those windows?!?

  • 5:30 have the same chair and just removed the neck pillow like sam. It's so un ergonomic.

  • Wren kinda reminds me of a Jack Russell Terrier

  • In the next vfx artists react video you should do a new Dutch series called vliegende Hollanders. (Flying dutchman) they have some amazing CG planes! Dutch link: www.npostart.nl/vliegende-hollanders/AT_2092376

  • you guys should reach to killer bean by left lew ( worked on the matrix, transformers, x-men

  • The DnD thing is sooo cool!

  • This is the work off my dreams

  • Where is wes

  • When did Gabe leave?

  • Wren was slumped


  • 2020 is saved, the legend is back baby!

  • Clint: I will teach you how to create photorealistic CG model. Also Clint: I have no idea how to create UVs

  • Its funny... i have been wanting to do a d&d show for years that was just me on a green screen in a fantasy environment. i can't wait to see son of a dungeon ! i don't have the techniques to do this with my friends, so it'll be very fun to see something similar to what i had in mind being done. by professionnals !

  • PJ means poor joke.

  • От окше

  • I want Nick's hair Jordan's cheer Niko's confidence Wren's attitude and Cmike

    • All the same things, but i want niko's hair too PS- niko, this is not a threat


  • Really excited to see Functional Filmmaking launch, it's the CGI equivalent of the videos we do - in-depth Practical Effects Tutorials! really interested to see how the season goes!

  • Where is the video of Niko passing out from?

  • Cmike still is the nicest dude...

  • You guys should do a collab with Jazza for the D&D series

  • please do watch 'Kannada' language movie named "KGF " and react to it.I need your opinion, please ......

  • 6:42 Jim Halpert Vibes

  • Matt Marcer/CR , Node DnD guest or one-shot

  • Play the windows shut down sound.

  • You guys are way too awesome. Every single person in that studio seems excited and motivated to create something new.

  • I’m not gonna lie wren always explains these things like his body’s always in Critical condition


  • Awesome

  • if i had money

  • i so want to join but my parents don't allow

  • He is nicest guy

  • wheres jake?

  • Wren passes out, isn't sure if he passed out, they just powers right through it. Based.

  • if you've ever seen The Office US you know that Toby Flenderson never get happy

  • DUDE SCAN THEM ONE BY ONE! It would be more pictures, yes, but you can set up a tripod and make a rotation platform to even automatize the process. And you would solve the shadows issues as well.

  • 6:08 she is cute. 😍

  • Plz check Ghost riders transformation

  • You should do this or watch this must ALAN BECKER isprofile.info/pac/jX1uemJ5rn_KgIc/v-deo.html&ab_channel=AlanBecker

  • i'm Also a VFX artist....Just love your videos ❤😍Love from INDIA ❤❤

  • Hey, i got an idea, how about you guys do a challenge to do a manual animation, like all manually, hand drawn, just on papers and pencil. I think it would be fun, thanks! love your guys content!

  • Some "reacts" suggestions: In the movie "Hitman" (2007 with Timothy Olyphant) they have a fight inside the club (1 hour, 1 minute). Inside this same scene, people are dual-wielding SMGs with basically no-recoil. Also the "boss" uses an LMG that is belt fed, yet also has drum mags that do nothing? In the movie "Peppermint" (2018 with Jennifer Garner), they have a gun fight in a piñata factory. There are a lot of John Wick-esque moments in this film.

  • Yo, so here’s an idea I just had. In Men In Black whenever they use the flashy thing, replace it with a gun.

  • i love Corridor and C mike but it totally sucks that they support a racist coffee company:(

  • You guys should react to jellikattu movie nominated for Oscar animation

  • 8


  • Can u plz. Make a video on a movie of Bollywood sicuanc of singham ( singham return) and krissh 3 plzz your are too cool man(s) 😃😃😃😄😄

  • i just had an idea...what about VFX artists react to Video Game Animations or Game Designing ... thatd be so cool