Making my Friends Cry with Thoughtful Gifts

Birt 23 des 2020
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The crew gathers for the annual Corridor Secret Santa. They give gifts, share some memories, and discover the true nature of friendship.
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  • Nobody cried!

  • wholesome.

  • I'm kind of curious. Where's Jan?

  • Kombucha's easy to make. To get a scoby just brewed a gallon of sweet black tea. When it comes to room temp pour any bottle of raw store bought kombucha in and cover the top with a cloth and rubber band and stick it, like always, someplace cool and dark with no direct sunlight.

  • All the gifts are kinda nerdy and i love it

  • It would be cool to join you guys you are the best when I have a rough day you help me

  • That ending dance is such a genuine moment of joy and fun between everyone, such an amazing group that brings so much joy and fun in everything they do, Well Done CorridirCrew

  • This is so fucking nice

  • 9:30 - my family and I have a plastic lizard that we do this with. It started off as me accidentally giving it to my stepmom in a bundle of blankets, then it escalated from there. Before Covid, my dad used to go on a lot of work trips so it has been all over the world in his suitcase. Part of its legs are now missing because it got put in with my roach colony (they are food for my lizard) and the roaches ate part of it. Often times someone will not find it or forget about it for a few months then suddenly we will find it again. Somehow it ended up with the name Dick (short for Richard) Bruce.

  • I spent my quarantine watching most of your videos. Ngl I feel happy seeing you guys together.

  • Where is the 'Love' button? This was so good, and they are such genuine people. Even if it isn't as entertaining as many of their big videos, this had so much genuine goodness in it that was wonderful. Thank you guys for being a channel and just existing in general, it's good for the world.

  • 1:08 and 11:35 now I know why clint quit corridor

  • I just love the vibe in this place

  • You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies

  • That is some SERIOUS social distancing there. Good job. I can only imagine how many grandmas you saved.

  • Wren did something stupid on a One Wheel? No, that never happens!

  • Man this put such a huge smile on my face! And it’s so great to see the corridor crew keep growing.

  • 16:34 bullshit niko, milo being born should be your favourite moment of 2020

  • I'm disappointed that nobody got Clint the boxset of the Marvel films..

  • “I fell on my bag and 𝒮𝓂𝒶𝓈𝒽𝑒𝒹 it!”

  • I recently found your channel. I’ve been hooked. Just wanted to say I love that you guys seem like one big family and that I find myself with a big smile while watching your guys videos. Keep up the good work!

  • yooo Clint was holding his gift before he even opened it lmaooo 10:40

  • Videos like these make me wish i had friends

  • awww click bait

  • What makes a good company is not (only) how much they pay you, is how much they care and how much they make the employees want to stay. I feel that here.

  • Everything here is exactly how I hope my animation family will connect with one another. I still need to go through school, but someday when I’m in the workforce of animation. I strive to have what you guys have. Amazing!!!

  • These titles are in the first person but who’s perspective are we watching this from? Daniels?

  • at 18.10 what is that kind of clapping called, ihave seen it multiple times in videos uploaded on this channel

  • What’s the name of the pictures viewed through light?? What do you call those??

  • I miss the Christmas guillotine

  • What a fun place to work.

  • I like A Friend like WREN...🤗

  • Wren Is The Most Energetic Person....I Like that So much Dude...👍🏻🤩🤩🤩

  • This video was totally wholesome. Thank you corridor for the fun videos

  • i want to work somewhere like that

  • I love kombucha

  • I missed watching this last Christmas, so I'm watching this in February


  • Please watch the exigency

  • 2:11 my dream gift is that someone knows I love gundams!

  • this video is wholesome ❤️

  • merry xmas everybody:)

  • Who’s other favorite person is wren

  • Man I love you guys. Keep being awesome.

  • This is the video that finally got me to subscribe to you guys. I don’t exactly believe in helping youtubers get paid but after watching dozens of your videos daily I’ve come to believe that y’all are wholesome and passionate people and if subscribing helps y’all keep doing what you love, I’m into it. Keep on keepin on dudes.

  • clint's drawings were amazing

  • React to velocipastor. X mas edition. Velocipastor fights santa. 🎅

  • this is so weird and so wholesome

  • Surrounded by real love ✊🏽

  • I think my favorite moment of 2020 was all the corridpr crew clapping theirs butts off in dance ...that was so're the best guys lots o' love from india....seriously that corridor clap off😂😂😂😂😋

  • Dam these guys really are fun

  • Great Video

  • this is so wholesome my heart is melting

  • Yo, that guy that got flowers got snubbed. Lol and Jordan gave a badass sweet gift

  • Can you tell me what did Wren give to Nico and where can I learn to make it or buy it? Can't figure out what Nico said so any help would be appreciate

  • no god damn fair a master grade

  • Can we appreciate how Wren's gifts are always so thoughtful, personal and creative? What a great friend.

    • @SentinalSlice the year before he gave Clint a couple rolls of film, and the year before that he got niko ice cream from a store and it was in this giant box that kept the ice cream unmelted and cold

    • What did he get them again? Last year.

  • How do you guys manage to be so sincerely funny and cool without ever not being wholesome and sincere? I love every second of it.

  • Much love, Crew!

  • I miss CMike :(

  • Jordan is so cute!

  • Onions?

  • Wait anyone relize that Clint was holding his gift....

  • I LOVE this channel.

  • Sorry I missed this one. It’s so awesome to see how many you have added over the year. It’s wonderful to see all of you truly care about one another!

  • thank you corridor, i really enjoy watching you guys

  • Xmas

  • coo shiz

  • Coming from the UK the christmas pudding bit made me laugh - I hope you all enjoyed them.

  • Who cry? What a CLICKBAIT!!!

  • A month late I know, but the best part for me on this channel was finding this channel especially. Didn't know a channel that did VFX but also gaming existed (Node) and it was so entertaining to watch especially when I use their videos for my class.

  • Where did all these girls come from?

  • This was amazing!

  • Wren is definitely one of my favs

  • Whoever made the thumbnail should be fired! Exploiting Jordan like that smh!

  • lol, the seals of clints first present said "sausage kitchen" xD

  • I had my headphones on the lowest possible amount without muted the audio, and Wren's scream still gave me permanent ear damage.

  • The first Christmas Corridor vlog that has not been called "crispness"

  • I’m a simple man, I see Berlinwood I hit like

  • amazing family, amazing video

  • Simple, pure, fun video, nice job what you all doing

  • Eat 0oop

  • Jans pinky pros

  • Whoa! I've missed new content! New people seem dope!

  • I'm proud of yall

  • 2:30 Okay there buddy lmfao

  • bruh friendship

  • Might be my new favorite Corridor crew video

  • Love da starwars sweater

  • At the end of the video I realized I was smiling the whole time. You guys really made my day!

  • If only there were more thumbs up to give. You all bring so much joy. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the great work!

  • Wren’s reaction almost put me in a coma, I was dying xD

  • the best thing is cmike is there

  • Watching the dynamics you gotta do a "Jordan and the 7 Geeks" parody. How she survives in "bro-land" is a miracle.

  • this video done damage control for me of 2020

  • How did you do the lithophane?

  • This was such a fun video, y’all really feel like a family

  • Wait, did Sam just get a huge-ass bottle of Delirium beer? I mean... what does one have to do to work there? I want one too!