VFX Artists React to LORD OF THE RINGS bad and Great CGi 2

Birt 4 jan 2020
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This Episode ► Niko, Clint, and Wren sit down to react to some of the zestiest CGi moments from Peter Jackson's "The Lord of The Rings" Trilogy: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • One of the few movies that aged really well.

  • Where is the comparison video between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings?

  • You guys know of meet the feeblest from Peter Jackson

  • Dude in the middle should stop screaming so much.

  • Plus the heat distortion effect inside the Balrog’s mouth!

  • Still no Hobbit video.........

  • That's frodo's sliding not samwise.

  • The link for part one is not in the description

  • Lotr is the greatest film series ever made.

  • one thing i hate about these videos in general is all the yelling....

  • Can you explain to me how this legolas mounting horse shot in two towers has been made?

  • Where is the hobbit video?


  • 20+ years later and I still can't believe these movies happened. Humanity is still in debt to PJ, weta, new Zealand, and the whole cast and crew for making these absolutely incredible films.

  • Seems like they forgot about that hobbit comparison video lol.

  • The Fellowship of the Corridor

  • Wouldn’t be surprised is some of these hard workers who built these models probably out of the business due advancement of CGI and software. Instead of building something for a movie, now they just use whip it up on the computer.

  • how about the newer 4k version..??

  • Nah man, all the CGI looks perfect

  • What's this "bad effects" bs?

  • Imagine it was in 2001-2003.

  • 1 year later and still waiting for The Hobbit

  • The waiting for battle at Helm’s Deep was the most the gut-wrenching and nerve-wracking buildup I’ve ever seen. Of course, the basis for the screenplay, Tolkien’s _”Lord of the Rings”,_ was the pure gold at the centre of this production. I hope there are new generations with the intelligence and skills of Tolkien, honing their craft and writing a Lord of the Rings for the current era. I don’t want all the really good stuff to always be in the past.

  • One of the reasons the effects hold up so week is because of the low resolution of the time. If you checkout the new 4K version, they even admit they had to re do many VFX shots simply because in high res they now looked a bit bad and outdated. It's quite interesting, but is an awesome experience. I definitely recommend you all if you can watch the newer 4K version. Totally worth it.

  • Clint is a man of culture Loves Lord of The Rings Doesn’t suffer the MCU

  • Duuuuudes do the hobbit movies you never made it!!

  • 9:30 that seen always messes with me

  • Where is the Hobbit video?

  • What happened to the hobbit video?

  • U guys shoulve covered the scene of aragorns coronation where the hobbits look sooo out of place, imo the only bad cgi shot in LOTR.

  • Can we please talk about the cgi orcs from The Hobbit? I mean some things should just not be animated, especially not when the standard for orcs in LOTR trilogy is literally people in masks.. The orcs in Hobbit ruined everything for me, along with the soundtrack.

  • The scene where the fellowship leaves the room in Moria, into the great hall with the pillars after fighting the Troll is one of the worst CGI in the three movies. It's similar to Sam running into mount doom.

  • Did they miss the close up shot of the Witch King of Angmar riding his Fellbeast around Minas Tirith? You can clearly see the lower edges of his helmet phasing through his right shoulder.

  • 4:42 That would be REALLY fun to mess around with. I have to have Massive.

  • You guys never did the Hobbit!

  • God the Balrogs roars, his internal flame with the heat distortions **shivers**. Freaking spine curling

  • Just watched that episode the second time...I need an additional like button guys! 😬😊

  • No wonder the lor movie looked realstic. Cgi will never look realstic

  • No mention of the Oliphaunts?

  • The Lord of the Rings movies are like a gold mine for any kind of artists. So inspirational.


  • If you wouldn’t have asked me to like and subscribe fifteen times. I might have done it.

  • Did Peter Jackson use any of these guys for Lord of the Rings?

  • I think the Lord of the rings movies are pretty boring. Just can't get into them

  • Are we going to get The Hobbit react?

  • I no longer love this movie but there is no denying the top notch craftsmanship put into producing it.

  • Pretty much skipped over ALL of Treebeard, how rendering just one frame of his face took days. Or the admittedly not so great water CGI rendering during the flood of Orthanc. Or, my absolute favorite scene in the trilogy, the Rohirrim charge on Pelenor Fields. Or...well, lets be honest, covering ALL the CGI in this movie would take way too long, however interesting it may be.

  • Balrog scene is so incredible!

  • where is the hobbit reaction

  • 1:14 - It's like an evil version of the intro to "Fraggle Rock".

  • Not sure if you guys are watching the new 4k version. That version the effects don't look as good because of reduced quality from grain smoothing.

  • Loud squeeky little guy - you know you're on mic ?

  • I love it, but I feel like movies like those deserve more then 10 minutes a video.

  • orcs are like snowflakes

  • With all the little things they notice that I never would have caught, I feel like Aragorn asking Legolas what his elf eyes see. Corridor Crew, what do your VFX eyes see?

  • 10:30 That's Orthanc though.

  • This movie aged so well. That cave troll got a promotion in batman vs superman.....

  • This makes me wish the lord of the rings was still on Netflix

  • It's been a year and still no hobbit video

  • I can’t find the episode where they compare lord of the rings to the hobbit!!

  • part 3 pls

  • Did they ever do the hobbit episode? I can't find it.

  • Hey! You guys never did the Hobbit recap

  • If u don't have a part 3 I'm gonna scream

  • 2:12 CG Birds?? I guess as the saying goes “like a bird outta Hell”

  • Hmm... still waiting for the Corridor Crew to react The Hobbit trilogy. Wonder if that’s ever going to happen.

  • That dude in the middle is on coke or something lol like calm the f down buddy I’m sitting right next to you don’t gotta blow my fucking eardrum out

  • Still waiting on that 2 part Hobbit series.

  • I know I'm gonna get hate for this but I could never get into LOTR... i tried but meh 🤷‍♀️

  • And they never made their hobbit video

  • yall need to cop the 4k version if you want to see the balrog for the first time again..

  • Sigh still no hobbit episode

  • Here we are a year later, and no Hobbit review.

  • They say the Fortress of Barad Dur (Sauron's tower) only had a practical model, then show a shot of Orthanc (Saruman's tower). Wrong tower idiots!

  • Fuck that kazoo off ffs

  • You should revisit the 4k edition.

  • The Smeagol to Gollum transformation is kind of strange to look. It seems a wax character melting in a creepy way. I don't know if there is any VFX involved tough.

  • Almost 20 years later and I've yet to see a movie that beats the LotR trilogy in special effects. Everyone who worked on this movie is a master at their craft.

  • And Sauron going nuclear...awesome 👌!

  • Comment from a foundryman: With the furnace burning charcoal, the air turned up all the way, the hottest it can run, something like 4600°F, the Balrog's mouth looks like a glance into the exhaust port, the flame is a blinding yellow-white. The air shimmers. It's just like that roar. He roars like a furnace!

  • Just want to say it's frustrating over 1 year later that The Hobbit video was never released, I was so hyped for it too.

  • Peter Jackson had not only cameos, he had normal roles in his early movies. Also, i didn't know Peter Jackson had something to do with Hot Fuzz. I knew he was the Santa that stabbed Simon Pegg's character, but i didn't know he participated in the production. I knew that Simon Pegg loved early Peter Jackson movies, but i had no clue they collaborated. Or did they?

  • Astounding almost 20 year old CGI. It's very cool what they were able to do with very limited resources. CGI is just not as good these days. Probably because it becomes the whole movie and the time that takes is huge. There is a reason why the 80's and 90s is great for action movies. Practical effects were at their peak and CGI was spare but well done.

  • Apparently the first time they tested the computer generated army they all ran away from the battle 😂


  • Loved this and subbed

  • The LotR films are so much of an accomplishment that most people will never understand just how ground breaking it is and was at the time. It is literally mind breaking and industry changing stuff that is nearly indescribable. What a feat to accomplish and create these movies

  • Shit was so impressive for its time... Better then most movies these days I've not seen the LOTR trilogy properly in years gonna have to get it out and watch it

  • I don’t think peter Jackson has cameo in Dead Alive.

  • LOTR is a masterpiece! The day some moneyhungry bitches decide to remake it with an all female and all black cast is gona be a very very sad day...

  • You guys make me realize how truly inventive, talented, creative and amazing people can be at what they do. I love these movies now more than ever.

  • Would love to see this revisited with the new 4k Remaster of the trilogy that just came out Dec 2020

  • Wren sounds like a girl

  • Guys, you didn’t show Bilbo’s face transform - it’s IN THE THUMBNAIL.

  • I want to see wren’s reaction to the giant spider

  • You guys should review the 4K remaster of all 6 films. Curious to see if the films held up.

  • Almost one year later and still no Hobbit episode😪

  • Nobody will watch my movie epic "The Mimes of Moriah". I guess the crowd shots are just too samey. Too samey for comfort.

  • I always felt like gollum playing the floor is made of lava and the ring melting was rather meh moments

  • Did you notice That the circle of the exlosion is actually the phrase written on the ring ?